22 Gross And Surprising Facts About Your Pee You Really Need To Know Right Now

Your ability to go number 1 is actually a really amazing thing and is responsible for some important and odd inventions. Take a deep breath and go forward. I’ll make this the least amount of gross that I possibly can.
via Flickr - Craig Sunter
via Flickr – Craig Sunter

We all know what urine aka peepee is. It’s the water that comes out of you carrying with it a bunch of waste products. But, really, how well do you know your number 1? Not well enough, I can assure you.

1. On average, you pee about one and a half liters worth of urine every day. This gets rid of soluble (dissolvable in water) toxins and excess sugars out of your body and into the toilet. [Source]

2. While publicly getting rid of these toxins on a street or in an alley will get you arrested, not having access to piss pots downtown and in the open would have been unheard of previously. The Romans were literally able to whip it out and hold forth into pots that were in front of almost every storefront in Rome.

Imagine that, talking to someone and they just turn and pee while talking to you in front of everyone. Yes, it’s true, you’re just living in the Roman tradition every Friday and Saturday night.

3. Your urine can tell you what you’ve been eating and drinking and sometimes it can tell you whether you’re sick or not. First let’s look at color and what it indicates.

4. Dark yellow urine means you’re dehydrated. Seek water immediately!

5. Dark orange or just orange means you may have a liver probably especially if it’s accompanied by yellowing of the skin or eyes. Some chemotherapy drugs can also cause this. In some cases, orange urine could mean you’re very, very dehydrated. Seek water immediately! [Source]

6. Pink urine, yes pink, means you you’ve been eating beets, blackberries, or rhubarb. It could also mean that you’re taking Rifampin to treat tuberculosis or phenazopyridine for urinary tract discomfort. It could also be because you’re taking laxatives containing senna. If you’re not taking any of these drugs then look to the above foods. [Source]

7. Blue or green urine is mostly caused by food dyes (or foods like asparagus) but some prescription drugs will cause it as well. Urinary tract infections can also cause green urine. If you have a UTI though you’ll probably notice other symptoms like pain first. [Source]

8. Dark brown urine can be caused by three foods: fava beans, rhubarb, or aloe. Again, some prescription drugs can cause this as well but so can extreme exercise that has injured your muscles. You’ll likely never experience this though since it’s more of an extreme athlete thing that can also injure your kidneys.

9. Cloudy or murky urine…congrats, you have a UTI and/or a kidney stone. Now go to the doctor. [Source]

10. Red urine could mean you have blood in your urine. Go to the doctor right after you finish reading this list and sharing it on all your social media accounts ;)

Seriously, go the doctor right now unless you’ve been eating tons of beets or red food dye. [Source]

11. Stinky urine can be caused by asparagus. We’ve all been there. Also, the urine of diabetics often smells sweet.

12. Spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, tuna, saffron, all these things can also alter the odor of your urine. [Source]

13. Most people go pee pee between six and eight times a day. If you find yourself going a lot more than this you could have a problem. Those problems could include an enlarged prostate, diabetes, an overactive bladder, a UTI, or Interstitial Cystitis (this would hurt). [Source]

14. There, now that we’ve diagnosed you to see if you have any diseases we can talk about just what exactly urine is made of. Well, first and foremost it’s made of water and is usually only slightly acidic. However, your urine is also made up of dissolved solids the main of which is an organic substance known as urea which contains nitrogen. Remember that, nitrogen, because we’re going to come back to it. The rest is inorganic salts, proteins, and hormones. [Source]

15. Despite what you may have heard from the movie “Dodgeball,” urine is not sterile. [Source]


16. Urine is exceptionally useful. That’s right, I said useful. In fact it’s been used to make gunpowder for hundreds of years by mixing urine and water into a barrel of manure. Pee in it for 10 months and then drain the liquid out into pans to let dry. Grind it up with a mortar and pestle. Congrats, you now have potassium nitrate. Now, add that potassium nitrate to pre-ground charcoal and pre-ground sulfur and you have gun powder. [Source]

It’s just that easy.

Potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur aka gunpower being ignited via Flickr -
Potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur aka gunpower being ignited via Flickr – Antti T. Nissinen

17. It’s an amazing fertilizer. Most store bought fertilizer that isn’t simply manure is just designed to put nitrogen into your soil because, like Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator, it’s what plants crave.

But why should you pay for nitrogen when you’re literally pissing it down the drain every day. Don’t do that. Instead, start peeing in a jar. Keep this jar out of sight so none of your friends know that you’re peeing in a jar and decide you’re a serial killer. Continue peeing in the jar until it’s full. Now mix eight parts water with your one part urine in a larger container and spread it on your garden soil once every two weeks. Don’t do it more often because too much nitrogen can burn plants. Also, don’t use this near root vegetables for obvious, urine soaked reasons.

And yes, you should pee on your compost pile every once in a while. [Source]

via Flickr - Sustainable sanitation
Yes, this is fertilized with urine via Flickr – Sustainable sanitation

18. Right so we’ve established that your pee can be used to both kill people and grow crops making it one of the most useful things in the world but what else can it do?

You can whiten your teeth with it by either brushing or swishing it around in your mouth. However, this is disgusting and since it’s the ammonia in aged urine (the dark and stinky stuff) that does the trick you should look to other options. Some anonymous people do swear by it though. If you do this then I absolutely want to know how it goes. [Source]

19. And since we’re on the topic of urine in your mouth, rockstars have long been known to be among those were wont to drink their own urine because it’s supposed to be healthy in a vague sort of eastern religion way. Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, John Lennon, Boy George, and J.D. Salinger all supposedly drank their own urine at one point or multiple points.

I do not recommend this, mainly because it’s gross but also because it’s 100% useless. [Source]

20. There’s a company called E3 Technologies that uses urine to produce hydrogen to make power while eliminating the ammonia from the urine that would otherwise go into the environment. [Source]

21. Back to Rome, some women there used to drink turpentine which is decidedly poisonous simply because it made their urine smell like roses. Although who would have noticed this seems unclear. [Source]

22. And here’s a fun fact for your summer pool outing. Chlorine doesn’t cause your eyes to get red. It’s a reaction caused by chloramine which is the result of human urine and chlorine chemically combining. That strong “chlorine” smell you get at the public pool is a result of people pissing in it. The stronger it is, the dirtier that pool is.

Now, go have a neat summer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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