Meet An Artist Who’s Trying To Bring Awareness To The 780 Million Who Don’t Have Clean Water


Artistry and empathy are two things often intertwined but Lucy Billings’ song “Carry the Water” seeks to take this association to another level. Inspired to write the song after the Nashville-based songwriter learned the chilling fact that 780 million people worldwide don’t have basic access to clean water, Billings hopes that her song will help bring attention to those in need and the non-profits that seek to help them.

“Carry the Water;” is also the title track to her third self-released and self-financed 13-song collection and has been featured in O Magazine. It was produced by John Jennings, a man whose credits include being a Producer for Mary Chapin Carpenter and who performed with legends such as George Jones. The video was created by acclaimed filmmakers Molly Secours and Jeff Wyatt Wilson.

Billings has joined forces with global nonprofits Blood:Water and Amman Imman: two non-profit organizations that are devoted to creating sustainable means of increasing clean water access for people in developing countries.

The artist is raising funds to support the work of these organizations through sales of “Carry the Water,” through her live performances, and other appearances. Join the cause. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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