Women Don’t Know How To Spend Their Own Money

via Flickr - Tax Credits
via Flickr – Tax Credits

If you’re a poor woman in Kansas then chances are you don’t know what you’re doing with your money. At least that’s what Kansas lawmakers have decided. Starting July 1, male and female welfare recipients alike will face a limit on how much money they can withdraw from their welfare debit card each day. The cap? 25 bucks. With 55% of all welfare recipients being women, that’s a pretty targeted decision.

Even better, since ATMs almost universally charge a fee to use them and also only spit out cash in denominations of $20, the cap on their withdrawals at an ATM is actually only $20 a day and they’ll be giving circa 15% of their benefits checks back to banks in the form of ATM fees. Literally, the Kansas legislature has voted to increase the amount of tax payer funded welfare checks that will go to private banks in order to control how much people can withdraw from the ATM every day. This is apparently better than just allowing people to spend their own money.

But what if you don’t have a checking account which many poor people don’t? Well, that person will have to make ten trips to the ATM over the course of ten days in order to muster up the $200 necessary to pay rent and they won’t be able to take out any money for anything else during those days. Better not have any other expenses! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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