For The Gays Who Do Not Know Their Worth

Cameron Kirby
Cameron Kirby

You are not a lesser person because you are gay.
You certainly deserve every ounce of respect there is in the world. You are worthy to be dignified and are entitled to be who you want to be so long as you do not stomp and mud on somebody.
There are times when you would not understand why bullies are the way they are.

Because you won’t.

It is extremely difficult to come out and be who you truly are without the eyebrows that cut deep and the slurs that make you bleed and sick when alone with solitude.

Sometimes, you cry at night asking in silence why you are gay, why people hate you so much without saying so, why books want to shun you and the idea of you, why you are treated as an incurable disease when you do not need to be cured and you are not a disease at all, why you are a special case, why you cannot be in a relationship when everyone around you is happy, why you look to them like an escaped zoo animal who needs to be tamed, and why people seem to not understand you the way they understand others.

But do not worry at all.

Those people would only understand the things they want to understand for themselves. You do not have to speak and explain to the earless and show to the blind because you would only grow tired proving everything you are worth.

Just accept who you are regardless of the critical eyes around you.

And remember that you are not a problem, you are not an undignified human being, you are not just an argument, you are not immoral, and you are not a piece of trash every single hateful soul can crumple and throw.

You are not a lesser person just because they have wives and husbands and boyfriends and children while you only have yourself.
You are not a lesser person just because they have rocks and robots in their hands while you have a sheet of pink fabric in yours.
You are a rainbow, a misunderstood being that needs to be brave enough to color his life. You have many layers that some people will not understand, you have a skin that some people will never wear, and you have the experience that some people will never have.

Your life has colors, and the colors are everything.

Yes, you are complex and strange and indispensable and amazing and beautiful as you already are.
You are gay because you are gay, and you are not supposed to be jailed inside the cage that society has built for you; you deserve to be freed and to be free as much as everybody is.
You are an imprisoned bird, but you are not supposed to be contained. So unchain yourself and get out and use your wings and fly high and never let them catch you again.
The sky above is wide, and it is you alone who will navigate it, not them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am 20. I study secondary education (major in English) at Tarlac State University, Philippines.

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