The Heartbreaking Truth About Forgetting The People We Once Loved

woman in hat with hands clasped
Larm Rmah

It’s crazy how someone can change your life by their departure.

It’s also easy to tell that you’re not quite the same after the last hug, the last kiss, the last conversation you had.

Because even though you didn’t know it was the last time, your soul could still sense it somehow.

It’s crazy how you start forgetting all the small details about him. His silly jokes, the way he used to reach for your hand, his sleepy voice, the warmth of his skin.

It’s scary to think someday you won’t remember any of that. All of those moments where you were infinitely happy will be taken away by time, piece by piece, until they fade away.

Because they didn’t belong to you in the first place. They weren’t meant for you to keep, but to make something with.

Perhaps forgetting is the universe’s way to remind us that life’s about embracing things that go away too fast. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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