14 Artists Of Instagram That Will Bring Color And Life To Your Feed

Amidst the endless pics of coffee cups, wooden tables, brunch entrees, and kittens, there is a burgeoning world of visual art that finds its home on Instagram. As a completely visual medium, Instagram is quickly becoming the sharing platform of choice for visual artists and illustrators around the globe — whether they’re pros, students, or hobbyists — and no matter how well known or unknown their work may be beyond the web.

A quick hashtag search is an immediate introduction to anyone and everyone on Instagram who considers themselves an artist with something to share, making Instagram one of the few places that fully equalizes the playing field when it comes to discovering visual talent. To be sure, that “anyone and everyone” is quite a lot of people – a search for #illustration brings up 12.5 million posts, with 25 – 35 new ones being added per minute on a lazy Sunday afternoon. That said, given the fact that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, scrolling images to find the artists that really do it for you is remarkably efficient compared to the other options out there. And you’ll likely never come across those super talented unknowns anywhere else, no matter how many art blogs you read.

Finding these wonderful creatives whose work will surely light up your feed is as simple as trying a couple different hashtag searches that match your style: #watercolor, #acryliconcanvas and #oilpainting are some examples, or go more broad with #artistsoninstagram and narrow it down from there. To get you started, here are 14 artists on Instagram to follow right now:

I. Watercolor

II. Oil


III. Illustration


IV. Printmaking


V. Typography

VI. Stencil


VII Mixed Media


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