I Miss That Bitch

I miss that bitch

Yeah, you know the one

She used to smile and laugh

She was always down for fun

I miss that bitch

The way she would wash my hair

The way she would always blush

When I licked my lips and stared

I miss that bitch

The one who didn’t argue and cry

I remember how she thugged it out

How she let very few inside

I miss that bitch

Meeting me in lingerie

Cooking me breakfast at 2 a.m.

Pouring wine and asking, “You hungry, bae?”

I really miss that bitch

The back massages and foot rubs

The way she smiled made my day

I’ll always miss her good love

But now she’s gone

Fucked over far too often

I buried her a few months ago

Nothing fancy, just me and her coffin

See, I knew her real well

That bitch I miss so

She was the hopeful side of me

But I had to dead that hoe

See, I didn’t have the time

For heartbreaks and disappointment

I didn’t feel the need to feel

I had no balm, no ointment

Ms. Hopeful wanted so deeply to be loved

And I’m not saying that’s a flaw

But she gave her heart too many times

And everyone dropped it and watched it fall

Fall off a 100 story building

Landing on spikes and Bouncing Bettys

Then made sure it was ran over

By a Mack truck and then a Chevy

I’ll forever mourn her death

Keep vigil at her grave site

Making sure she doesn’t pull a Lazarus

Because sometimes I think she might

Every now and then someone comes along

Trying to coax her with sweet words and flowers

But my savage side shoos them away

Knowing the sweet words will eventually sour

Ms. Savage, I now call myself, is alive and well

And no one is gonna get past me

No lies or promises told

By anyone will I believe

Ain’t nobody gonna break my heart

Cause it’s no longer in the lost and found

Waiting for someone to pick it up

Ain’t nobody gonna play with my heart

Cause I buried it in the ground

I hum when I’m thinking instead of talking out loud

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