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Ten Classic Films Explained in Tweet Format

Ever feel as if there are a lot of classic flicks that you just don’t have time for? At this stage in your life how likely is it that you’ll sit down and watch Citizen Kane? Well, now you don’t have to! Presented here are some classic films — the kind that appear on numerous “best ever” polls — presented in any easily digestible tweet format.

Forget Libya: Birds are Being Decimated by Cats!

In other words, our innocent love of cats is fucking up the environment more than some of our man-made machines. “[Kitties] are like gypsy moths and kudzu – they cause major ecological disruption,” said Dr. Peter Marra of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape?!?!?!?

In a video posted about a week ago as a promotion for Smart Water, Jennifer Aniston pretty much gives us a lesson on postmodernity, pastiche, and contemporary media’s endless self-referentiality.

March is Fertile Ground for Vasectomies

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit, academic medical center in Ohio, this month the number of vasectomies will go up 50%. The increase is related to a sporting event known as “March Madness,” which is a month long college basketball tournament.

A Brief History of a Middle School Wigger

When I was in middle school, I did not realize how strange and awful it was. I was overweight, mean-spirited, lazy, and girls did not like me. When I liked girls, I chatted with them on AIM, saying things like, “hey” and “A/S/L?”

Portland Burglar Freaks Out and Calls Police

In a recent event (last night) that’s being smeared all over the internet, Timothy Chapek, 24, broke into Hillary McKenzie’s home in Portland, Oregon. When he was using the bathroom, McKenzie returned, and in a state of fear and agitation, Chapek called 911, fearing that he would be shot.

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