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Why I Love (Internet) Trolls

What hate! What outrage! But the truth is I love every word of it. Trolls – you validate me. You add extra verve to my posts, and sometimes you say things that are more amusing than what I wrote to begin with.

5 Films That Make You Feel Smart

In describing the Blow Up, you can use words like “alienation.” It is based on a short story of the same name by Julio Cortázar, an author who smart people read. The final scene, a mimed tennis match, goes down as one of the best in cinema history.

Pastor Helps Young Parishioners Achieve Sexual Purity by Having Sex with Them

Stories of priests and other religious figures engaged in sexual misconduct, abuse, and rape are so prevalent and commonplace these days that we can almost predict the stories before we’ve even read them. But every once in a while, there’s an exceptional case, such as ex-pastor Brent Girouex, who engaged in these behaviors for the sake of purging young male church-goers of their homosexual urges.

Newspaper Reporter Held in Closet by Biden Staff

In an event that took place last Wednesday, Orlando Sentinel “pool reporter” (transcriber) Scott Powers found himself sequestered in a large closet or storage room in the mansion of millionaire Alan Ginsburg. Scott was there to cover a fundraising event for Senator Bill Nelson of Florida where Vice President Joe Biden was slated to speak.

The Merkin: A Brief History of the Vagina Wig (NSFW)

As an erotic accessory, the Merkin knows no bounds; it can be used by men in drag, or it can act as a decorative object, suggestive of sexual innocence, promiscuity, or any other number of sexually charged meanings. offers customized Merkins for adventurous clientele curious about sprucing up their bush area.

Your Eight-Year-Old Needs a Padded Bikini…

Abercrombie, a clothing line known for pissing people off with its risqué ads and problematic hiring policies, has done it again with a new line of swim-wear aimed at tweens (ages 8 to 14) that features padded bikini tops that push up and enhance breasts.

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