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Eight-Year-Old Boy Pepper Sprayed By Police

The boy had gotten into trouble during the bus ride to school, and when he arrived, he began threatening to kill his teacher and another staff member. According to Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis, the boy was acting so crazy that staff members hid in a nearby office while he flipped his shit and threw chairs and a TV at the door. The police reports states that the boy screamed, “Get away from me you fuckers!”

Assistant Principal Tackles Female Student to Stop Schoolyard Cat Fight

According to a report on CBS Albany, the fight took place last year at Shenendehowa High School in upstate New York, and the man with the tie is an assistant principal. School official’s approve of the principal’s actions; in a statement released Monday, they said “He reacted swiftly to stop the fight and prevent the girl from being attacked from being seriously injured.”

What Ever Happened to Melissa Joan Hart?

Hart’s career in Hollywood has not been fruitful; in 2000 she had a small part in The Specials as “Sunlight Grlll,” where she played an unpopular superhero on her day off. The film was given an “R” rating for language. She also starred in a B-horror movie called Nine Dead in 2009, which had trouble finding a distributor. Most of her career in movies has been limited to TV productions with titles like Dirt Bag and Hollywood in Handcuffs.

Gettin’ Slimy: 2011 Kids Choice Awards

The new remake of the classic The Karate Kid, starring Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith, who also produced) and Jackie Chan took home the award for favorite movie. The Karate Kid tells the tale of a young American boy who has to move with his parents to China, and it deals with themes of adolescent love, violence, and cultural assimilation.

How To Be Offensive

Recently I have become aware that I suffer from a somewhat troubling disorder, Foot In the Mouth Syndrome (FIMS). When suffering from this condition, one inadvertently says or does things that are offensive, off-color, inappropriate, and potentially alienating.

Best of 2010: Italian Trainwreck Does Gaga

Never have I been so compelled by such an awful instance of Youtube culture. Is someone playing a joke on me? Is she a lonely soul, crying out to be heard? Is a deranged individual, with delusions of grandeur with not even a shred of humility?

Terrence Malick's Poetic Vision of the Outlaw Couple: Badlands

Malick is not interested in deconstructing Hollywood conventions or in reinventing them, which seems to be the preoccupation of Godard, for example, in his early films. Neither is Malick someone who brings the French New Wave to the United States in a more palatable form. Rather, Badlands is a film that explores what genre conventions and other clichés offer its characters.

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