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What Is The Deal With The Summer’s Most Anticipated Film?

The reason what many are calling the summer’s most anticipated film is getting so much attention is simple: Malick rarely makes films (this will be his fifth; his first was Badlands in 1973), and each time he does it’s a huge cultural event. Not only that, but the details around The Tree of Life’s story are shrouded in mystery, and no one has really said what it’s about other than in vague terms.

WTF Florida? Two Deaf Men Stabbed After Sign Language Mistaken for Gang Signs

Alfred Stewart, age 31, was celebrating his birthday with his other deaf friends at Ocean’s Eleven Sports Lounge and Grill when Barbara Lee, age 45, thought they were making gang signs at her. She approached the party and made gang signs at them. They motioned for the “aggressive” woman to stop bothering them, which, considering the nature of the event, probably only made things worse.

On-Duty LAPD Traffic Officers Appear in Internet Porn Video

As if traffic officers weren’t already considered to be on the lower end of the police food chain, a couple of LA cops have made things worse for everyone. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is coming under fire for an Internet video in which two uniformed officers are shown in public with a female porn star.

Western PA Man Streaks for 3 Miles

The naked man was finally captured wading through a creek. Authorities do not know why he was wading there or why he was naked to begin with, but upon further investigation, it was found that the man has “mental issues” and is receiving care, though he was still charged with open lewdness.

New Luxury SUV for Women Comes with World’s Most Expensive Vodka and…

But unlike the Dartz Prombron, The Iron.Diamond is free. The catch, of course, is that you have to buy a bottle of RussoBaltique’s vodka, which retails at $740,000. The Iron.Diamond includes optional snake, crocodile, or elephant skin leather for the seats – rather than whale-penis leather – a camera system to aid with parking, and a free designer vibrator with purchase.

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