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Turns Out, Jesus Wants You To PARTY!

College is typically a godless environment, filled with booze, drugs, and people having sex indiscriminately. But apparently there is a contingency of serious Christians attending mainstream colleges and universities – and not only that, they’re involved in Greek life, which is normally seen as a haven for Animal House style debauchery.

5 Ways to Be Unsatisfied With Your Love Life

Feeling completely satisfied with your love life is something that is rare and difficult to attain, and I’m not sure if anyone really does attain it. Perhaps happily married couples, or sociopaths. It seems like, more often than not – especially in the turbulent twenty-something stage of life – you are perpetually at least vaguely dissatisfied with your love life, if not fed up with it or totaled depressed about it.

Damn, Eating P and Sucking the D Might Give You Oral Cancer

At the recent annual AAAS conference this past February, one topic was the relationship between oral sex and oral cancer. Researchers brought to light some startling and distressing news for those of us who like to go downstairs while we are going at it: oral sex has actually replaced smoking as the leading cause of oral cancer.

Why Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Quentin Tarantino are Evil

So in the same way that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are evil, so is Tarantino. Pulp Fiction is undoubtedly a masterpiece for its writing, its film buff intertextuality, and New Wave like innovations. But after making 100 million dollars, the world of independent cinema became a lot less independent, and it continues to be that way today.

Awesome! ’80s Nazi Rock from Yugoslavia?

Upon first viewing, it’s a little difficult to believe that this video for Laibach’s cover of the Opus song “Life is Life” actually played on MTV, and is not in reality some elaborate piece of sketch comedy by some unknown comedians of the ’80s. The band plays it so straight and there’s so much pomp and bombast, that we all feel the power but maybe we’re all glad when it’s over, too.

We Are What We Are: Cannibal Melodrama

After I saw the new Mexican film We Are What We Are by Jorge Michel Grau, I left the IFC Center in a state of excitement. Sometimes a films comes along that just completely baffles me, and I think, what the hell was really going on? It’s almost as if I’m in a state of disbelief – this movie just passed before my eyes? Someone made that?

The Sweetest Film Endings

In the course cinema history, a few films end on a truly ridiculous note. These endings fly in the face of convention, and whether or not they actually resolve anything or do what an ending should do, they are just so over the top that we have to appreciate them.

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