WTF Florida? Two Deaf Men Stabbed After Sign Language Mistaken for Gang Signs

In another WTF, Florida? incident that occurred last Saturday night, two deaf men were stabbed at a Hallandale Beach bar when their sign language was mistaken for gang code.

Alfred Stewart, age 31, was celebrating his birthday with his other deaf friends at Ocean’s Eleven Sports Lounge and Grill when Barbara Lee, age 45, thought they were making gang signs at her. She approached the party and made gang signs at them. They motioned for the “aggressive” woman to stop bothering them, which, considering the nature of the event, probably only made things worse.

Lee left the bar and came back with a unnamed juvenile and 19-year-old Marco Ibanez, who is accused of having stabbed both Stewart and his friend, Sean Shuland.

In the resulting brawl, in addition to Shuland and Stewart, a bouncer was injured when a bottle was smashed over his head.

Lee and Ibanez were both arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. TC mark

via NBC Miami


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  • humblecore


  • cheesedick

    this is fucking hilarious *cough* i mean terrible…wow thats sucks…lol

  • Revulú

    my favorite new segment

  • Daniel Schealler

    Faith in humanity… fading… fading… fading…


  • Elle

    stupid, stupid woman.

  • jennifer

    What a dumbass.

  • victoria trott


  • SousChefGerard

    Central Florida is now the #1 hot bed for completely unnecessary use of violence. Good job, guys.

  • rrrrob

    Can we expect WTF Florida? to be a weekly article?

  • jack

    i laughed at least they didn't die

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    Alf Stewart?! Flamin' galahs!

  • Storm

    not that im condoning anything, but judging by the Latino name (Ibanez), it's likely that the idiot woman mistook a sign, probably “I love you” for the Latin King gang sign which ironically is the same. Glad they didn't kill the poor guys, but this is a good example of how stupid people are.

  • Michael Koh

    This is bleak.

  • Kcooler

    nothing funny wtf my son wae bouncer risked his wtf life…. to stop the asshole from stabbing people and some 45 yr old gang crack whore smashes him in the head with a bottle of grey goose…..

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