Western PA Man Streaks for 3 Miles

In Beaver County of Western Pennsylvania, a man streaked for upwards of three miles through three different townships and several wooded areas.

On April 20, Carlos Noel Pena, age 24, was spotted in the buff by police officers at a busy intersection.

Mike Zorich, a groundskeeper for a nearby cemetery and one of many witnesses, recalled that “I just happened to turn – I caught something out of the corner of my eye – and I seen his naked butt running by, and that’s all I needed to see… He was leaning up against a pole and one of the girls asked him if he needed help. He said no and he took off in a flash… He acted like there wasn’t a thing wrong.”

The naked man was finally captured wading through a creek. Authorities do not know why he was wading there or why he was naked to begin with, but upon further investigation, it was found that the man has “mental issues” and is receiving care, though he was still charged with open lewdness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via WPXI

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