Northwestern “F**ksaw” Professor Will No Longer Teach Class on Human Sexuality

The Northwestern fucksaw incident is finally coming to a close. Professor J. Michael Bailey will officially no longer be teaching a class on human sexuality after he featured a live sex demonstration involving a toy known as a “fucksaw” in an optional lecture series this past semester. In fact, the institution will not be offering any courses on human sexuality next academic year.

On February 21, Bailey invited a man and women to demonstrate female ejaculation to about 100 students who had opted to attend the session. Ejaculation was achieved using the make-shift sex toy. Although Bailey initially defended his choice to feature such a demonstration, he quickly made a reluctant apology.

Alan Cubbage, Vice President for University Relations, released the following statement:

Northwestern University’s Department of Psychology will not offer a course in human sexuality during the 2011-12 academic year. That course was taught previously by Professor J. Michael Bailey, who will have other teaching assignments in the coming year. Courses in human sexuality are offered in a variety of academic departments in other universities, and Northwestern is reviewing how such a course best fits into the University’s curriculum. At Northwestern University, the dean of a college/school has the right and responsibility to determine course assignments. TC mark


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  • setecq

    Sex: Best not to talk about it in a college. The students will get ideas!

  • Lebron

    maybe, you know, add like a word or two of your own opinion to your gawker reposts so you aren't just regurgitating content

  • Mauricio

    such bs. we've got a long way to go.

  • Noah Tourjee

    This is so white.

  • Alli

    um… what a dumbass! that's like beyond common sensible, ppl – u can't show naked people having sex to a public arena (of sorts) and get away with it – &

    why the hell would you wanta do that without making mad profit &/or making them all sign confidentiality agreements anyway?? lol (j/k past the – & )

    • cazador


    • sloppysoup

      what the fuck is up with the way you write? like it's sooooo confusing……. COMMON SENSIBLE U GUYZ


    If you can't produce a live sex show in a college classroom, what can you do?

  • Nicki

    As a Northwestern student, I'm getting really tired of this “fucksaw incident” thing.

  • Tomas M

    Whatever.  EVERYONE in the audience saw nothing wrong with the demonstration.  The people who complained were those who DIDN’T attend.  Typical.

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