High Schooler Posts Nude Pic of His Girlfriend, Gets Arrested



In yet another tale that demonstrates the dark side of Facebook and “sexting” (a term I just discovered today – does this mean I’m living under a rock?), a 14-year-old high school student from New Mexico was arrested for posting a nude photo of his 15-year-old girlfriend to Facebook.

According to the authorities, the boy had repeatedly asked his girlfriend to send him a nude photo, and when she finally gave in and sent him one, he said that he would post it on Facebook if she didn’t have sex with him. She did not have sex with him, and he posted the photo. When it was taken down, he posted it again.

Not surprisingly, the police got involved, and the boy was arrested and charged with using a telephone to threaten, intimidate, and harass, among other things.

Assuming that adolescents have more or less always had the potential for seeking out intimacy in inappropriate and problematic ways, one is left to wonder: what was it like before Facebook? What is the pre-Facebook equivalent of this? The implicit cautionary message with this story – that “sexting” and using Facebook for the wrong reasons gets you in trouble – perhaps carries another, more subtle and unintentional message with it: if you’re going to behave inappropriately, don’t broadcast it on the internet or with your phone. Maybe Facebook allows creeps a different way to creep – but maybe it just exposes what they always were to public scrutiny. Has Facebook changed who we are, or is it just a new way of expressing what we always were? TC mark


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  • http://profiles.google.com/octave.f Gabe Janzen

    The latter. Expressing what we always were.

    • yeah!

      I agree

  • http://loveandradio.org Nick vdK

    Guys, can we please keep rubber-necking-type stories to a minimum? I read TC for thoughtful writing, not to keep up to date on what some local station covered this week. I'd be all for some kind of analysis of sexting and its implications and blah blah blah, but this whole “hey, did you hear about that horny teenager who did that stupid thing?” just comes across as trite.

    • Alli

      THANK YOU! even tho sometimes we don't always see news everywhere from our point, but this is not the place to post it.. there are plenty of other places to put this crap, lol

      to writer..

    • LR

      I don't think this is “rubber necking”. This is a simple story that brings up many important issues, some of which the Dan discussed in the article and some of which he didn't.
      Yes, the context for this story is a couple of teenage kids dicking around, but there's more behind it.
      It IS both good and bad that social media exist today in the way they do: Facebook both allows people to cyber-bully etc, but it also makes it much easier to find those people than before because we now have a paper trail…

    • http://twitter.com/twpacific TicketsWest pacific

      I was beginning to think I was the only person who felt this way. Feel like the quality of content and, to a lesser extent I feel, writing, has deteriorated. Please don't let this transform into a gossip blog–TC had something really special going for a while; it's worth keeping that alive.

  • yosoyrichie

    for me it seems that technology makes things easier in every aspect even in blackmail. such behaviors have been there it's just that new technology allows them to become what lack of it hendered them to be. at the same time because of this new technology it is easier to point out such deviant behavior…

  • Discordian

    The moral of the story is not that sexting and being stupid on facebook will get you in trouble.
    The moral is that trying to force someone to have sex with you by blackmailing them will get you jailed. There is nothing new about it: rape has been a punishable crime for quite a lot of time.

  • http://heard-instinct.com/ itsguccitime

    I’m over the Thought Catalog DISQUS participants complaining about the content on TC having gone “down hill”~ Jesus Christ. Why don’t *you* catalog your thoughts since they’re so much more illuminating that what we’re reading?

    Shame that I had to bring this up here as I actually liked the question you posed, Dan. But it’s clear that in -most- pieces, the complainers have skimmed a post. After all, this piece seems to beg for discussion on morality, not how TC has “become the next gossip blog.” We’re part of TC too, complainers. We need to develop the discussion as well. We can’t just let the writers do all the work. If the majority of us are snappish readers.. than we are no different than a gossip blog.

    • Greg


  • http://gearshack.blogspot.com Naked&Famous

    Dan I hate to say this but you need to lay off the news. It seems like that's all you write about these days.

    EDIT: After further research, it is ALL you write about these days. What gives?

    • sloppysoup


  • http://www.facebook.com/brad.pike Brad Pike

    All this technology is giving dumb kids more and more self-destructive ways to act on their dumbness. Someone needs to write an article about this generation behind us who is growing up with Facebook and iphones.

  • Sandra

    Pics or it didn't happen

    • ;:.

      hate this world

  • miley cyrus

    loved that they showed miley

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