New iPhone App Shows What Your Breasts Would Look Like If They Were Surgically Enhanced

The capabilities of smart phones are expanding and growing every day. Now, thanks to a new iPhone app, users can see what a pair of breasts would like if they were surgically enlarged.

The new app, called the iAugment, was created by Dr. Elizabeth A. Kinsley, a plastic surgeon from New Orleans who was the first doctor to use 3D imaging technology to show patients what they would look like after breast enhancement surgery.

To use the app, a user simply has to snap photo of a pair of breasts, preferably covered up with a bra, a swim suit, or a tank top, and select the desired size enhancement. If users like what they see, they can use the iAugment to search for the nearest approved plastic surgeons.

The idea behind the app is that women considering surgery can get an idea of what their new rack would look like.


“Breast augmentation can be a complicated procedure with women asking questions like ‘what will they look like’ or ‘what size is right for me?’ This is designed to give them the best idea possible of how they might look after surgery….You can show your friends, your boyfriend or your husband and say ‘what do you think?”‘ Dr. Kinsley said.

A quick look at Apple’s page for the iAugment reveals that the product has received over 7,000 ratings since it was released. One user wrote “This app is hella fun and it’s free! Ladies when u take a pic of yourself try to do it naked at least on the top part, it looks more real. The only problem is it makes your nipples wider since it magnifies your hooters. LOL! [sic]”

Another user pointed out that “The facebook button is dangerously close to the other buttons. Be careful!” TC mark


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  • Kyoudai

    I read this as: iPhone app encourages you to take nudes and might accidentally post your enlarged breasts to facebook

  • Hotmail

    Cut to July 2011 and the scandal where a backdoor in the program has posted all your topless photos directly to

    • Kuboaa

      Damn you for making me click on that link, feel sweaty, dirty, sad–erasing my browser history, as if that would make it better.

  • Greg Petliski

    They would look.. fake.

  • Noah Tourjee

    Well. If my boyfriend liked the picture, I would have the surgery.

  • sloppysoup

    it's like playing SIMS… in real life. LUVZ IT.

  • Evan Hatch

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke”
    THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Katelyn Betterton

    It looks kinda helpful for women considering breast enhancements. Hmmm, at least you won't have any doubts before the procedure or you won't even be surprised about the result after. But ladies, please wear a bra when taking pictures.

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