Middle School Teacher Shaves For First Time In 10 Years After Hearing Of bin Laden’s Death

Courtesy Donita Weddle

Some people deal with tragedy in curious ways, such as Gary Weddle, a middle school science teacher from Ephrata, Washington. Ten years ago on September 11 when Weddle heard about the terrorist attacks on our nation, he got so caught up following the news that he forgot to shave for a whole week. It was then that he decided he wouldn’t shave Bin Laden was either dead or captured.

According to reports, Weddle cried when he heard of Bin Laden’s death. “I spent my first five minutes crying and then I couldn’t get it off fast enough,” he remarked.

Weddle wanted to cut his beard, and his wife wanted him to cut it too, but he stuck to his vow.

“I wanted him to get rid of it, but it was his vow,” Mrs. Weddle said. “I respected his passion and keeping a vow. I was willing to look past the beard because I love him.”

Weddle told his students at the beginning of each year that the facial hair was a reminder of the attacks. This might have something to do with the fact that the beard made him look a little bit like Bin Laden, as reports have not failed to point out.

Weddle received a call from his teaching colleague Missy Beierman on Sunday evening informing him that Bin Laden was dead. Incredulous – because many a time before he had been lied to in efforts to get him to shave the beard – Weddle checked the TV and, sure enough, the information was confirmed.

Friends and neighbors watched as Weddle finally shaved. No longer experienced at this delicate endeavor, he cut himself several times.

“He looks 10 years younger,” Ms. Weddle said. “It’s a very happy moment for us. It’s a very happy moment for the whole nation.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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