Marijuana Allegedly Saves 2-Year-Old Boy’s Life

In rural Montana, a man might have saved his 2-year-old son’s life by getting him blunted.

Doctors found a large, malignant brain tumor in Cash Hyde about a year ago when he was brought to the emergency room by his parents. He was immediately sent to Salt Lake City, the nearest city with cancer treatment facilities. Doctors put him on a heavy regiment of chemotherapy, which seemed to help to some extent, but the treatment decimated his body and caused the young boy to be so sick that he couldn’t eat for 40 days.

So Mike Hyde, the boy’s father, slipped a little cannabis oil into his son’s feeding tube in the hopes of alleviating some of the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

“In two weeks he was weaned of all the nausea drugs, and he was eating again and sitting up and laughing,” Hyde said to He called his son’s recovery “a miracle” and the marijuana, which Hyde also used for his own attention deficit disorder, a “godsend.” Indeed, the doctors – who didn’t know Hyde had slipped the boy some ganja oil – were surprised that the 2-year-old hadn’t sustained any organ damage.

Of course, Hyde is being criticized by some for taking his son’s treatment into his own hands. According to Dr. Linda Granowetter, a professor of pediatrics at New York University, the idea that marijuana actually cured the boy’s cancer is “ludicrous,” even if it is a proven treatment of nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Because of his son’s illness, Hyde has started a foundation help raise money for children with cancer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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