Marijuana Allegedly Saves 2-Year-Old Boy’s Life

In rural Montana, a man might have saved his 2-year-old son’s life by getting him blunted.

Doctors found a large, malignant brain tumor in Cash Hyde about a year ago when he was brought to the emergency room by his parents. He was immediately sent to Salt Lake City, the nearest city with cancer treatment facilities. Doctors put him on a heavy regiment of chemotherapy, which seemed to help to some extent, but the treatment decimated his body and caused the young boy to be so sick that he couldn’t eat for 40 days.

So Mike Hyde, the boy’s father, slipped a little cannabis oil into his son’s feeding tube in the hopes of alleviating some of the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

“In two weeks he was weaned of all the nausea drugs, and he was eating again and sitting up and laughing,” Hyde said to He called his son’s recovery “a miracle” and the marijuana, which Hyde also used for his own attention deficit disorder, a “godsend.” Indeed, the doctors – who didn’t know Hyde had slipped the boy some ganja oil – were surprised that the 2-year-old hadn’t sustained any organ damage.

Of course, Hyde is being criticized by some for taking his son’s treatment into his own hands. According to Dr. Linda Granowetter, a professor of pediatrics at New York University, the idea that marijuana actually cured the boy’s cancer is “ludicrous,” even if it is a proven treatment of nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Because of his son’s illness, Hyde has started a foundation help raise money for children with cancer. TC mark


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  • Luke Bourassa

    Marijuana saves everyone's life… in the future…

  • SisterRay

    Someday, the medicinal properties of marijuana will be taken seriously. Until then, we'll just waste billions of dollars to raid & arrest anyone with a connection to the plant that is less harmful than alcohol. Good for Mike Hyde for doing the right thing.


      I wish you were in charge of the DEA.

    • Gabriel Kiishan

      As a doc in training, its true that the hydrocarbons can worsen the kids lungs due it still being developed along with the child's mental capacity since the cephalic area fully develops at the age of around 6. But if you read me correctly, that's smoking a joint, not edible canna oil which is a smart move by Mike. People always link MJ with smoking it which is bad, true, but not everybody is dumb enough to not know that.

      People still believe its bad because of following up a develop country as a friggin model country makes you the better country but fuck if I didnt say every country has its own issues. Here's a rundown on my pharm book for its side effects: Dysphoria (unstable or uncomfortable mood), hallucinations, sedation, vertigo (Dizziness), disorientation.

      No brain damage, no oncogenesis (Cancer development), no STDs, no immunsuppression, no nothing! Learn this stuff before you go blasting ppl over said actions. In worse case scenario where you use Cannabis about 5 to 20 times a day smoking a joint, you'd probably end up with a fucked up lungs not due to cannabis influence but through the bad hydrocarbons and tar developed when burning something. Having said that, it also has a psychogenic property of creating a long standing self-shame and loss of dignity with self-confidence with the on going constant affect of weed which most of the time does not make you do anything productive should you not control it
      but that all depends on the persons mental stability before said effects…

      Mike is smarter than I thought when I found Cannabis in the “Drug used to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting”. No parent who loves his child this much would even think of supplementing such powerful drugs if he didn't research on it

      • Allen

        Most of what you say is alright… but don’t forget, the guy didn’t light up a joint and then blow smoke in the face of his kid. He took cannabis oil and poured a couple drops in the feeding tube (located in the stomach).

        Also, none of these occur with marijuana: Dysphoria (unstable or uncomfortable mood), hallucinations, vertigo (Dizziness).

        Only euphoria comes with weed, unless you smoke a lot and I mean like 5 blunts, in which case dysphoria sets in… due to extreme dizziness and nausea. Your perception is changed, but that is not a hallucination. Vertigo is a helluva lot different that dizziness… its extreme dizziness to the point of not being able to get out of a chair without falling over. Not to mention vertigo is a syndrome not a regular reaction, like dizziness which you can get from any OTC or prescription drugs.

  • Westof Me

    organ damage? it was canna oil not heroin doc

    • Lasjdf

      The organ damage was in reference to the chemotherapy, not the MJ

  • Brandon Silverman

    amazing fucking story

  • Ricky Schillitz

    this is fucking ridiculous and it's a shame that commenters here are too high to see how this is wrong

    • daniel maryweather

      elaborate on the wrongness, please. it's not quite clear to me how sparing a child constant, debilitating pain could be soooo terrible and “wrong.”

    • Michael Koh

      You're a dumbass

  • long john

    freakin' stoners

  • Michael Koh

    Kid's got stage 4 brain tumor. That's fucking depressing


    marijuana to tread ADD? WUT?

  • Large Pot

    Yep! I was agreed, I'll keep in touch to your blog.
    This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted ;)

  • Allen

    How wrong this is? Listen to you idiots. If you ever read any scientific studies in the past couple years you would know that marijuana has been proven to:
    1. Reduce tumors by ATLEAST 50%
    2. Rid alzheimer’s, by reducing the amount of plaque on your brain cells and killing the old, dying brain cells that can mutate and turn into alzheimer’s.

    What is wrong is how chemotherapy is being used on a kid under the age of atleast 5. What is wrong is how nobody remembers how chemo got created… IT WAS A NERVE TOXIN USED BY HITLER AND THE 3RD REICH TO FIND A DIFFERENT WAY OF KILLING PEOPLE! This government doesn’t want marijuana legal because people would be using it as: antidepressant, antianxiety (although some can get very paranoid), an alternative method to chemotherapy, and painkillers.

    Do you see all the problems marijuana helps with?, can you see why the pharmaceutical companies (basically our government, seeing as most politicians are arms deep into the pockets of these corporations) wouldn’t want marijuana legalized… it would replace all their pills. Hell, anyone can grow pot… but nobody can grow pills or have the money and processors that it would take to produce even 1 pill.


    People grow up and don’t criticize until you’ve tried it. And the father did what he had to; the doctors said he probably won’t make it, the kid hadn’t eaten for 40 days (he’s not Jesus), and was asleep for 16 hours a day. The only reason you people are pissed is because it worked… the next day he was awake, was eating, and was happy. Then they take him in for a CAT-SCAN and GUESS WHAT!!!??? THE FUCKING TUMOR WAS GONE!!!! NOT FROM THAT POISONOUS CHEMO… BUT FROM A NATURAL HERB… MARIJUANA !!!!!!!!!


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