Illinois Man Hides in Dumpster and Gets Collected by Garbage Truck

Wood River, IL — In an unfortunate incident early last Saturday, a 24-year-old man became trapped in the back of a trash truck and sustained injuries from being ‘compacted’ five times.

According to authorities, the man, whose identity has not yet been revealed, dived into a dumpster to avoid talking to the police about a domestic dispute that had taken place earlier. Apparently, it was garbage day, so the man was collected, as it were, along with the garbage.

The man attempted to get the driver’s attention by throwing items, including shoes, out of the truck. It wasn’t until an employee at a McDonald’s noticed something suspicious that the unfortunate man was noticed.

“I saw a head sticking out of the trash inside the back of the truck. It was covered with blood. The driver from Sanders [Waste Systems] didn’t want to believe me but he finally climbed back there and saw him, too,” said William Skelton, a member of the McDonald’s maintenance crew (note: this contradicts KSDK‘s report, which claims that the driver was alerted to the man’s presence when he saw the flying objects).

Skelton said he overheard the driver say he had compacted the trash 5 times with the man inside the truck, and had he done it once more, the man probably would’ve died. Although it is unclear how badly injured the man was, we do know he was taken to a hospital in Alton, IL, and later airlifted to another hospital. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via The Telegraph/ image – coolcaesar

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