Attackers Tattoo The Word “RAPEST” On Oklahoma Man’s Head While Tasering His Genitals

Oklahoma City — In a rather troubling incident that took place about two weeks ago, a mentally impaired man was shocked in the genitals with a taser while his attackers tattooed the word “RAPEST” – a misspelling of “rapist” – on his forehead. They also tattooed “I like little boys” on the victim’s chest.

After being tattooed, Stetson Johnson, 18, was brought to Del City, where he was beaten with a baseball bat until he was unconscious. After waking up, he managed to make it to a nearby trailer park, where he was picked up and brought to the hospital.

According to reports, the motivation for the attacks stem from Johnson’s relationship with one of the supposed assailants, Kimberly Sue Vergara, age 25. Vergara and Johnson had recently became friends and had even spent the night together, according to Johnson.

It was Vergara’s ex-boyfriend who first attacked him, Johnson said. Also involved in the attack were Vergara herself, and another man and woman. One of these woman claimed that Johnson raped her, the police and a prosecutor said, although no evidence has been found to that effect.

It was the two women who tasered Johnson’s genitals, detective David Abel of Del City said.

As of yesterday, Johnson and his mother, Lucy Ford, have moved out of the area because of the incident. As for the tattoo, Johnson covered it up with an image of a bar code. TC mark

via News OK


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  • Danny

    Unless you actually have something to contribute to these shock and awe news articles, please stop posting.

    • Denden

      Haven't you heard? Thought Catalog is the new Gawker.

      • Julene

        Sad but true.

      • oM

        NO! Say it ain't so! :(

  • Julene

    They mention “a mentally impaired man” – how impaired are we talking?

    Vigilante justice sucks.

    • Greg Petliski

      How was this an example of vigilante justice when the victim was not guilty of any crime? If anything, the people responsible for the attack should be sought out and brutalized in a fashion worse than they inflicted on this poor young man. Castrate them (to prevent their DNA from contaminating the gene pool), brand them (so everyone knows what kind of people they are), and have em serve five years in max security.

      • Julene

        Looks like I left my handy “air quotes” at home. Thought those reading the comment would see my sarcastic eyeroll through the screen. Noted for next time.

      • Greg Petliski

        Whoops, I forgot to turn my spy cam on. Oh, now I see the eye roll!

  • Greg Petliski

    Brave man. Eerily reminds me of the incident a few weeks ago involving the poor 15 year old kid who was murdered. Both incidents were over former girlfriends, or so it appears.

  • Jody Fossler

    I'm crying.

  • inflammatorywrit

    This is why I hate people.

  • Lisbeth

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, anyone?

  • Amanda Viers

    “One of these woman…?” TC is editing less and less these days.

    Do you have any real opinions about this?

  • Evan Hatch

    seems really cool that his mom's name is lucy ford. do you think that is an atmosphere reference?

    • Customconcern

      Fuck you Lucy, for defining my existence

  • Nico

    Illiteracy is a dangerous thing.

  • Muriel

    Does it bother anyone else that this horrific crime is merely described as “rather troubling” by the author.

    • dip

      hes just writing in an objectev tone

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