Young, Chubby Boy Reviews Fruit Gushers

In this video, posted about a year ago, but just now getting more attention via reddit, a young, chubby boy reviews Fruit Gushers. His presence on camera is oddly captivating, and each understated mumble compels. Perhaps what is so charming about him is that he doesn’t seem to be performing, he isn’t the slightest bit dramatic, and he comes off as just a normal boy who happens to feel entirely comfortable in front of the camera. Highlights include when he exclaims “oohh” upon chewing the first gushers and his choked laugh when he exclaims, “the juice comes out!” TC mark


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  • space mountaiN

    lonely and sad

    • Greg

      Are you kidding? This kid is the most genuine thing I've encountered on the internet in a long time

      • Space mountain

        he's genuine yeah, but he makes me feel lonely and sad that's it

      • Taylor

        Negative Nancy!

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    smiling real big time

  • Peter T. Bedu

    My favorite part of his reviews are his eating more than reviewing..classic

  • george brostanza

    childhood obesity at it's finest.

    • Reallydudeeeee

      wow, this is definitely a comment i wasn't expecting. what a fresh statement you've brought to the table.

      • george brostanza

        fucking thanks. thank you fucking god. oh my god. fucking thank you faggot bitch cunt fuck. thank you for posting a comment pointing out your fucking douchery. fucking faggot. Think of a better comment and fuck you. effing douches up in this shit.

      • Golden_Eyes


      • Reallydudeeeee

        lol u mad

      • george brostanza

        go die.

      • Reallydudeeeee

        no, u.

      • george brostanza

        no, U.

      • Neal Mackey

        Whoah guys, calm down.

      • Reallydudeeeee

        no, u.

    • Michael Koh

      He looks like my roommate, but with more weight and younger.

  • Michael Koh

    Why can't I hear you young, chubby boy? Oh it's you and the Gushers packet; it sounds like you're going through Sun Chips bags…

  • Dan Lomax

    you post this video but not mine? Goddamn it.

  • chinchillakwak

    this kid is tony the tiger gggggg-REAT!

  • Nray12

    Yeah, these are definitely a buy!

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