Warlock Gravedigger Goes to Trial for Rape

A self-proclaimed Warlock from Sutton, England is facing rape charges for acts committed 20 to 25 years ago when he was a gravedigger for a church in Cheam, a small suburban village outside of London.

William Lambert, now 74 years old, came to St. Dunstan’s Church when he was invited there by the War Graves Commission. Lambert, a veteran, wanted to care for the graves of fallen soldiers. For some reason, he ended up running a youth group called “the Shed,” which is where he met his victims.

At Lambert’s trial, which is still ongoing, it came out that he convinced four girls between the ages of 11 and 15 to engage in sexual acts with him by persuading them that his Warlock powers could help the girls out and solve their problems, and that he could even pass on his powers to them.

True to Warlock fashion, the rapes occurred in an occult-like setting where strange ceremonies and other creepy rituals took place.

The crimes were brought to the authorities’ attention when one of the victims, now 37, recalled the incidents and went to the police. As the trail has yet to conclude, the fate of the Warlock is uncertain.

Gillian Etherton QC, the prosecutor, noted that the case was unusual but that fact is “often stranger than fiction.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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