Philadelphia Professor Invites Strippers to Optional Business Ethics Seminar

Apparently there’s something strange in the air affecting our nation’s scholars, because last month on March 21, in an event that recalls the Northwestern Creamer Incident, professor Jack Rappaport invited students to an optional seminar where strippers allegedly performed lap dances on Rappaport and other willing participants.

The seminar was apparently on the application of classical ethics to business, and students had to pay $150 for admittance, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Rappaport teaches business at La Salle University, a private Catholic institution in Philadelphia, PA.

The seminar included about 30 students, according to reports, and an indeterminate number of scantily clad women were there from the start. In the initial report, students told the Philadelphia City Paper (the article appears to have been removed from the site) that lap dances were to be had by all who expressed interest.

However, two anonymous students in attendance told the Inquirer that no suggestive dancing took place. This would seem to suggest that Rappaport just invited partially undressed women to hang out while he taught, which is actually more surreal.

The seminar was broken up when the business school dean Paul Brazina walked in on the session.

All students in attendance received an e-mail from Joseph Urgras, another dean at the institution, promising them a refund.

“Being a professor at LaSalle gives me a great deal of joy,” Rappaport wrote in his biography on the university’s website. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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