New Study Shows Dong Enhancement is Actually Possible

A new study published in the British Journal of Urology International showed that men can enlarge their dongs. The authors looked at ten studies on different penis enlargement techniques and discovered that some actually show results.

According to the study, the most effective way to enlarge the dong is by use of the “penile extender,” which uses traction to stretch the phallus. Size increase ranged from about .7 in to .9 in. The downside, however, is that achieving these results involves at least four hours of use daily, for at least four months.

There are also surgical methods to increase penis size, and these methods have varying efficacy, but the risk of undesirable side effects and complications is too great, according to the study.

The study found that the fabled “penis pump” is entirely ineffective, but that apparently it “provided some sort of psychological satisfaction for some men.”

The general conclusion of the study was that, while some of these methods show results, most men employing them don’t have small dongs to begin with, but suffer from a psychological complex known as “small penis syndrome,” where they incorrectly perceive the size of their junk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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