Victim of Sexual Assault Sues

This past Wednesday a lawsuit was filed against by an as yet-unnamed L.A entertainment executive who was sexually assaulted by a man she met via the popular dating website. The lawsuit calls for the website to screen its members to ensure they are not sexual predators. In the meantime, the woman’s attorney, Mark L. Webb, is asking the L.A County Superior Court judge to bar the site from accepting any new members until the lawsuit’s demands are met.

“[ is] a very powerful and successful online dating service, and they have the means to do this,” Webb said.

Webb has provided the public with some specifics about the incident; apparently, the woman had a good date with the perpetrator the first time, but the second time around turned sour when he followed her home and forced himself on her. After the incident, a quick Internet search revealed to the woman that her date had a history of sexual assault. According to Webb, not only should have always been able prevent such a person from using the site, but at this point, it should be fairly easy to implement a screening system.

According to, it is the user’s responsibility to screen their dates, and they provide many useful safety tips to help users avoid various dating misfortunes.

The woman’s lawsuit does not demand any compensation from Rather, according to Webb, she is trying to change the world of online dating.

“This horrific ordeal completely blindsided me because I had considered myself savvy about online dating safety,” the woman said in a statement via her attorney last week. “Things quickly turned into a nightmare, beyond my control.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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