Man Glued to Toilet Seat in Maryland Walmart

In an event that took place last Thursday, a 48-year-old Maryland man found himself stuck to a toilet seat in a Walmart bathroom. Apparently, someone had left super glue on the seat in hopes that it would turn out to be a great April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, the incident occurred the night before April 1.

At around 7pm, workers heard the man yelling for help. The police, paramedics, and firemen arrived at the scene. The only way they could figure out how to remove the man was by prying the seat off of the toilet.

Later, at the hospital, doctors were able to remove the toilet seat from the man’s buttocks. He was left with minor bruising, according to Matthew Donnely of the Elkin Police Department.

The pepretrator, if caught, will be charged with 2nd degree assault, Donnelly said. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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