Best of 2010: Italian Trainwreck Does Gaga

In this video, posted last year, a young Italian woman interprets Lady Gaga’s hit “Paparazzi” in a language that is somewhere between Italian and English. Never have I been so compelled by such an awful instance of YouTube culture. Is someone playing a joke on me? Is she a lonely soul, crying out to be heard? Is she a deranged individual, with delusions of grandeur and not even a shred of humility? Oh, 2010, where have you gone? Whatever the case may be, this Italian’s performance lingers on in my mind. TC mark


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  • Andrew F.

    Omg, video of a weird person covering a popular song!

  • chay

    she can't speak english so she's making up words!
    aaaahhhh i like it.

  • eric

    i like that she is using not the actual song but some kind of MIDI transcription

    doesn't sound bad

    does she have an EP for download

    broken english & MIDIs

    where can i get more

  • george brostanza

    at least she's no american. i like her for her courage.

  • Kristian Møller Jørgensen

    “love you is cerry piss”, that's actually not bad.

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