Indiana Man Arrested 48 Times for Huffing Paint

In Fort Wayne, Indiana this past week a man was arrested for huffing spray paint for the 48th time; the first incident was in 1992.

Kelley Gibson got into an argument with his wife, Elizabeth Gibson, and went upstairs in a huff to inhale the the toxic fumes, according to authorities.

After Mrs. Gibson called the police, they arrived to find the apartment reeking of fumes. Mr. Gibson was shirtless and held a plastic bag covered in paint in his left hand and the can of paint in his right. His face was also covered with the silver paint. The police took him to jail on charges of inhaling toxic vapors.

Note: the only funny thing about this story is the mug shot, and huffing seems like probably one of the saddest things out there. TC mark



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  • Joey Martino

    remember that huffing chick on intervention? probz the craziest episode eva, she was off her rocker…then she got clean and i remember seeing her on a post show speech, and she was looking pretty good. Hopefully she is still clean. #pray4huffers

    • Guest666

      she was so hot pre and post huffing omgggggg

      • Guest666

        errrrr i meant while she was huffing, really

  • wad

    why this is ILLEGAL is a fucking outrage on its own right. guy inhales toxic fumes in his apartment. doesn't go driving or do something to endanger anybody but himself. fucking ridiculous. but yes the mugshot is hilarious

    • rhodeislander

      Because, Wad: what good is all that time and money we've spent creating an even more obnoxious version of the European nanny state if we don't keep arresting people for doing things like this?

  • rhodeislander

    Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Keep your eyes on the prize, Mr. Gibson – you can't win it if you're not in it.

  • Kenny Powers

    What were you doing? Giving RoboCop a blowjob?

  • Nick Beith

    1. How is he still married?
    2. Seriously, did they run out of alcoholism in 1992?

    • Greg Petliski

      1. Think about the disastrous choices women have made throughout history in regards to choosing a mate. Not surprising to me. Bet he's got a killer sense of humor, right ladies??!?!

  • ryan chang

    dude looks STOKED

  • Woah

    That image is horrifying.

  • janedonuts

    He's like a hybrid of the Joker and the Tin Man.

  • Alan


  • Jody Fossler

    my brain wants to recognize the picture is hilarious, but it knows this is some sad ass shit.

  • Nancy Malig

    Huffington Post should run this story

  • anon

    “…and went upstairs in a huff”.ย  punny!ย  >_<

  • P. Matthew Langworthy


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