Gettin’ Slimy: 2011 Kids Choice Awards

Jack Black, host of the 24th Annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.
Source: Sam Jones / Nickelodeon / 2011 Viacom International, Inc.

This past Saturday evening at the University of Southern California the 2011 Annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (KCA) ceremony was held. Nickelodeon began the award show in 1986, and over the years it has undergone several transformations before its present incarnation, where kids vote on the internet or via text message for their favorite TV shows, movies, and celebrities. Jack Black, a KCA regular, hosted the ceremony; other notable hosts from the past include Rosie O’Donnel, Ben Stiller, and Whitney Houston, among others. Winners receive an orange blimp.

Miranda Cosgrove in character as ‘Carly’

iCarly, a show about two adolescent girls who realize the dream of the internet age and create a popular web cast, won the award for best TV show.

Dylan Sprouse and Selena Gomez won for best TV actor and actress. Gomez stars in Wizards of Waverly Place as a magician who misguidedly uses her magical powers to advance her social standing. Justin Beiber is reportedly a fan of Gomez.

The new remake of the classic The Karate Kid, starring Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith, who also produced) and Jackie Chan took home the award for favorite movie. The Karate Kid tells the tale of a young American boy who has to move with his parents to China, and it deals with themes of adolescent love, violence, and cultural assimilation.

Johnny Depp scored a Blimp for his role in Alice In Wonderland. In a startling gesture, he turned his back on the crowd to retrieve a slime hose, which he then proceeded to use to slime the front row of the audience.


Miley Cyrus nabbed a Blimp for the best actress category for her role in The Last Song, a coming of age drama written by Nicholas Sparks. Cyrus was criticized for her very formal dress (most of the adolescent females present were dressed casually) because some felt that it was suggestive of her growing out of her child/teen star persona, according to US Magazine. Cyrus has caused a lot of controversy for a number of incidents, among them being featured in a provocative Vanity Fair photo shoot and getting caught smoking a bong filled with what she claimed was salvia (legal in California) but what others claimed was marijuana.

Cyrus cried during her acceptance speech, for which she later expressed embarrassment. “I don’t know why that happened.…That was like bad teenage hormones kicked in where I was just like, so touched,” she said after the show.

Highlights of the affair included a performance of the hit song “Boyfriend” by Snoop Dogg and Big Time Rush, the stars of the show Big Time Rush, which was a nominee for best TV show. Snoop Dogg was one of the many guest celebrities who were slimed, another notable example being super model Heidi Klum.

Justin Beiber, who was not in attendance, won two awards for Best Song and Best Male Singer. Some speculate that a sliming is in order for Bieber if he attends next year’s ceremony. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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