Eight-Year-Old Boy Pepper Sprayed By Police


In a startling event that occurred this past February in Lakewood, Colorado, an eight-year-old boy was pepper sprayed by police officers after he exhibited violent behavior at his elementary school.

The boy had gotten into trouble during the bus ride to school, and when he arrived, he began threatening to kill his teacher and another staff member. According to Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis, the boy was acting so crazy that staff members hid in a nearby office while he flipped his shit and threw chairs and a TV at the door. The police reports states that the boy screamed, “Get away from me you f*ckers!”

Things really got out of hand when he ripped a piece of molding off the wall.

“I wanted to make something sharp for like if they came out because I was so mad at them,” the boy said to 9News.

Davis said that the police made “not only the right choice,” but “a great choice” when they decided to use pepper spray on the boy. The boy’s mother, however, said that they had treated him like a common criminal.

The boy, who has had the police called on him twice before (never pepper sprayed, though) is now in a school for children with behavioral problems.

“I got like anger things… it’s just who I am. I think it’s not ever gonna go away,” he told the news reporter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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