Eight-Year-Old Boy Pepper Sprayed By Police


In a startling event that occurred this past February in Lakewood, Colorado, an eight-year-old boy was pepper sprayed by police officers after he exhibited violent behavior at his elementary school.

The boy had gotten into trouble during the bus ride to school, and when he arrived, he began threatening to kill his teacher and another staff member. According to Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis, the boy was acting so crazy that staff members hid in a nearby office while he flipped his shit and threw chairs and a TV at the door. The police reports states that the boy screamed, “Get away from me you f*ckers!”

Things really got out of hand when he ripped a piece of molding off the wall.

“I wanted to make something sharp for like if they came out because I was so mad at them,” the boy said to 9News.

Davis said that the police made “not only the right choice,” but “a great choice” when they decided to use pepper spray on the boy. The boy’s mother, however, said that they had treated him like a common criminal.

The boy, who has had the police called on him twice before (never pepper sprayed, though) is now in a school for children with behavioral problems.

“I got like anger things… it’s just who I am. I think it’s not ever gonna go away,” he told the news reporter. TC mark


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  • kzspygv

    Seems like the lesser of two evils – if they physically restrained him they would've been accused of beating his crazy little ass.

  • Conorhutchinson

    that video totally bummed me out.

    most particularly the 'it won't ever go away' part.

  • http://twitter.com/srslydrew Andrew F.

    hmmm. I'm thinking a lot of things about this.

  • guest

    it's never the parent's fault, is it?

  • Benjamindavis01

    they treated him like a “common criminal” because that is exactly what he is! she should be happy they didn't taser his ass. if my 10 year old acted like that, I would hope they would do something rather than just let her rampage like this boy did.

  • Gg

    What is wrong with that mother to sit there and say they treated her nut job kid like a criminal. What does she think that dangerous deranged psychopath is. Instead of the mother being upset with the kid and getting help before he kills someone, she blames the police. We indeed have a mentally disturbed mother as well as the dangerous kid who could turn out to be the next Charles Mansion or a Ted Bundy. Parents need to recognize evil in children and get help before they end up killing innocent people. Next thing we hear is she will probably try to sue the police. What ever happened to parenting that instilled moral values in kids to respect elders. No, she takes the kids side. “Outrageously-Pathetic”

    • Jose G:)

      Are yu fucking kidding me?? Are yu serious? She's a mother, that's her child! Of course she's going to react that way it's her kid yu stupid ass!! >: and I seriously doubt this kid will be a serial killer. : the people yu listed were insane, this kid isn't, he's just got a big temper. And I'm sure things will get better for him. ^__^

      • Patti5

        ummm NO>>>> There is a HUGE difference between throwing a Temper and how this kid acted.!

  • Jmmyg999

    Are the cops MEN or a bunch of PUSSIES that cant handel a 8 year old boy

    • Patti5

      Were you there?! They acted in the best way they could under the circumstances. Just because he's 8 doesn't give him an excuse, for that behavior. And yes how he functions today is just a preview of how he will function as an adult.

      • Dethassault

        Not really. If our officials have to resort to using pepper spray to detain an 8 year old child we're obviously not training the right type of men.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQBOL3ZHPHDYFGRD53EVFREV4A El puto

      i know right? cops busting out the heavy artillery on a kid. the kid must have had enough shotguns and explosives to destroy an army.

  • http://georgebrostanza.tumblr.com george brostanza

    20 bucks says his fathers in jail or not present in the child's life. Not sure whether to find this amusing or sad, cause the kid is so young and troubled. Usually people don't start doing bad shit until they enter their teenage years. i don't know, maybe i'm wrong. Anyway, fuck the police.

  • http://profiles.google.com/chickygirl Crystal McBride

    Watched an interview with the mom this morning. She claims he's never like this when he's outside of school, only while he's in school, and that the school should have called the police to have someone specially trained in dealing with angry/violent children. They asked her if she would feel the same outrage if it had been another student in the school, and she kind of waffled a bit and gave some sort of “it would depend on the incident.” Also, he's not in a school for kids with behavior problems – he's in the same school, but he was in a class for kids with behavior issues when the incident occurred.

  • Patti5

    I say “right choice” parents need to raise their kids to act responsibly, sick of parents who make excuses for their kids behavior. The mom says, ” I think he was treated like a common criminal and he's only 8″ BULL #@ She scum, no excuse for that behavior, my child is autistic she never has and never will act that way. I am sick of people who say ” my kids ADD! Get over it! Try having a child with autism. It's a hell of a lot worse than your ADD and it still doesn't give an excuse for bad behavioir, they can still be taught, I believe if they woulld act that way regardless of whatever label you put on them because of bad parenting.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQBOL3ZHPHDYFGRD53EVFREV4A El puto

      kid might be sick mentally, and it might be more than adhd.

    • Tyrrearice207

      All children are different, if you can find two children that are alike my hat goes off to you.

      It would be nice if every Parent had your parenting skills ,and just like children being differnt

      we as parents are different too. So therefore the way we parent our children will be different

      as well. Acorrding to the comments I have read it saddens me greatly. Its sad to say not one

      person has the insight to emphasize with the child or his parent none of us have all of the

      circumstances or facts surrounding the incident but you were able to jump to jugdement of the

      child and parent. Some of us may not be aware of the fact that ADD diagnosis can be mild to a

      more severe and not all parents are as blessed as you are. Plus I really did nott read enought

      information to even comment on this case. There is a large piece of the puzzle missing like

      what were the surrounding events and or facts that took place before the incident. Im speaking

      as a caring parent of four and I can say that the only way that anyone could justify pepper

      spraying my eight year old. It better be because my child has a gun or knife threating the lives

      of others or his own. The other part would be that my child got the gun or knife from another

      child at school since, I hate guns and I know to keep my knifes for cooking out of the reach of

      small children.

      If the police felt that they neeeded pepper spray to subdue an eight year old that had a pointed

      stick. I find it scary about what the Police ( who are hired to protect and serve) would do

      to someones eight year old with behavior problems that was acting out that had a knife.

      The reaility is that this child does has a behavior problems and all parents don't undrestand and

      are not educated enought on how to cope and handle the child. I really hope that there s a good

      outcome for both child and parent. Meaning that the parent receives the needed education so

      that her parenting skills are sharpened. I also hope this that the child gets the help that he

      needs. The Officers involved next inservice day needs to be centered around much needed

      training on how to subdue a children that are or may be out of control without using the same

      level of force.

      According to human nature people just don't as they say fly of the handle for know reason.

      As far as putting others at risk when aen't e at risk given our present culture.

      After all its a child with a behavior problem something could have happened days or even

      weeks ago whichh could have affected how a child with that has a behavior issues responds for

      that child the past could have been his present. Before we jump and past jugdement have all of

      the facts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363230138 Michael Koh

    This is really sad.

  • Father of an 8 year old

    Pepper spray is clear a bad call whenever tasering is an option.

  • http://twitter.com/jessdutschmann Jess Dutschmann

    this article could use some lamaze
    everyone breathe


    They should have used lethal force.

  • Farms

    That dog of his at risk.

  • Twisted Sister

    Let me get this straight; the police had been called to the school TWICE before to talk this angry kid down. The child, by his own admission, ripped the moulding off of the wall to create a weapon. And mom is mad that they used pepper spray on the kid, rather than talk to him again?!? (Because “talking” obviously did a fat lot of good before.) What if this kid had stabbed a police officer with the moulding?

  • Newton Mike87

    I saw the ABC interview. First off, whose idea was it for the mother and child to go on national television. ABC certainly could have gone to the school, talk to the principal (who would have the authority to discuss this issue), the police officers who investigated the incident as well as the mother but in her own home, not on national television. The mother admitted that the child was on medication, but not presently because “it made him gain weight.” Therefore, it was decided to take him off medication. I bet the doctor didn't know it and if it did have an adverse effect, the doctor could have changed the medication. But obviously the child needs to be on medication. The interviewer ( a woman) talked to the kid as if she was a psychologist. When asked by he had problems in school, and not anywhere else, the kid replied “It makes me mad because it cuts into my time with Mom.” Mom sits there with her ample bosom heaving, with a big smile on her face. Guess what, Mom, the kid is proving that Sigmund Freud's theory about overly possessive mothers and their effect on their sons was right on the money. The taser gun would probably have been the wrong thing to use, because of its' effect on the nervous system. However, if the officers could have distracted him sufficiently so that he did not see someone coming up behind, than they could have subdued without using pepper spray.

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