Assistant Principal Tackles Female Student to Stop Schoolyard Cat Fight

There is something really exciting about fights when you’re in middle school or high school. Back in my public school days, it was always a great diversion to witness a fight going on in the hall between classes. It helped puncuate the day. The fights I witnessed didn’t seem to be instances of bullying, as is the case with this video posted yesterday, but rather they were over some sort of personal issue – more often than not between two girls. It always made me cringe a little bit, because it seemed like a lot of the girls in my school wore large hoop hearings, which must have increased the potential for gruesome injuries.

In this video, a girl (wearing a hoodie with a peace sign, no less) is in the advanced stages of laying a beat-down on another girl. A close observer will note that she pauses briefly to pull up her shorts. A faculty member – as evidenced by the identification card at her hip – attempts to stop the fight with no success. It is only when the man with a tie rushes in and shoves the assailant to the ground that the fight is stopped. The slow motion used in the last few seconds adds a nice twist, and renders the fight into some kind of surreal event.

According to a report on CBS Albany, the fight took place last year at Shenendehowa High School in upstate New York, and the man with the tie is an assistant principal. School officials approve of the principal’s actions; in a statement released Monday, they said “He reacted swiftly to stop the fight and prevent the girl from being attacked from being seriously injured.”

“They just said that it’s mad crazy and like all over the internet and people are like telling the kids to just like go on the internet and like watch the video,” said Shendehowa student Larissa Rosenberg, in reaction to the video going viral. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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