Florida Website Pays Men to Take Brutal Beatings by Semi-Nude Women

In St. Petersburg, Florida, if you’re a man and you’re willing to take a beat down from attractive women in various states of undress, you can get paid $50.

Shefights.net (NSWF) is a website that features Videodrome-esque videos where semi-nude women beat the shit out of men. Customers can buy preexisting videos or order custom-made videos for a minimum fee of $600 ($300 per extra girl). With this second option, customers conceive a scenario, setting, and type of beat down, and Shefights produces a video based on the requested specifications. The website explains,

The Shefights women, however, are always happy to perform extremely brutal beatdowns to your specifications. These videos will include the action you want to see, and we are open to wardrobe requests. We have men associated with us who are willing to undergo unimaginably savage beatings and we particularly enjoy making these.

On the website, there is an open call for volunteers.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Can you stand to be over powered physically and mentally by a beautiful more superior member of the opposite sex?

Well, here is your opportunity to find out!!!

It is these brave volunteers who are a attracting the attention of St. Petersburg homeless advocate G.W. Rolle. According to a story in the St. Petersburg Times printed yesterday, Rolle began to notice a lot of homeless men walking around who looked like they had been severely beaten. After interviewing several of the victims, he discovered that these homeless men had been paid between 25$ and $50 to let the women of Shefights brutally beat them in front of the camera.

Rolle is now helping two of the men file a law suit against Jeff Williams of Shefights, J.P. Florida Productions, “Cindy Doe” and “Jane Does 1-5.”

Williams defended himself, saying that “these men are crack addicts and will say anything for money…they’ve come back many times, which makes it pretty consensual.”

“I’m still in a little bit of pain from a couple of weeks ago,” George Grayson, one of the homeless victims, said. “I’m just trying to deal with it mentally right now.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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