Michael Caine Demonstrates the Effects of Not Blinking During Conversation

Here, Michael Caine — one of cinema’s most acclaimed actors (and oldest — he’s 78) — shows us how to get people to pay attention. His advice from this video posted to YouTube in 2007 is simple: stare into the eyes of your audience, don’t blink, and repeat yourself. Indeed, Caine shows that even the most banal of phrases — “And I don’t blink, and I just keeping going” — can take an eerie significane if the speaker doesn’t blink, especially if the video of him doing it is looped upwards of ten times! TC mark

image – SheLovesGhosts


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  • Ms. Ayra

    This is interesting to see because it teaches one how to live “truthfully in the imaginary circumstance” when you play various roles as an actor. It's subtle changes like these that make actors hypersensitive to their situation. It separates them from the horrible actors like Kristen Stewart who only shows emotion by speedingupwhatshe'ssayingbecausethat'stheonlywaypeopleshowemotion!

  • Dom

    that's hilarious and genius.

  • Whyyyyyyyy

    bothered, and not in any type of sexual way.

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