Portland Burglar Freaks Out and Calls Police

Portland, OR

In a recent event (last night) that’s being smeared all over the internet, Timothy Chapek, 24, broke into Hillary McKenzie’s home in Portland, Oregon. When he was using the bathroom, McKenzie returned, and in a state of fear and agitation, Chapek called 911, fearing that he would be shot. Upon finding someone in her home, McKenzie also called the police. Highlights from their conversations with the 911 operators are featured below.

From Chapek’s call:

Operator: 911?
Chapek: I just broke into a house…and the owner came home.
Operator: You…you…you broke into a house?
Chapek: Yeah.
Operator: Where at?
Chapek: I dunno.
Operator: OK. So, are you still there?
Chapek: Yes.
Operator: OK. So are you –
Chapek: I…I think there’s guns…
Operator: OK. Where are you?
Chapek: I dunno.
Operator: You have no clue where you are?
Chapek: No.
Operator: Where are you in the house?
Chapek: It’s…it’s up in the hills.
Operator: Where are you in the house?
Chapek: I think they can hear me.
Operator: What’s your name? What’s your name?

(dogs barking. McKenzie enters)

Operator: Why do you think they have guns?
Chapek: Kidnapped…
Operator: Hello?
McKenzie: Why are you in my house taking a shower?
Chapek: I’m sorry.
McKenzie: Who are you?
Chapek: My name’s Timothy Chapek.
McKenzie: And…why are you in my house?
Chapek: I…I broke in. I was kidnapped.
McKenzie: OK I called the police.
Chapek: I’ve already called them they’re on the phone right now.

From McKenzie’s call:

Operator: 911?
McKenzie: I have an intruder in my house it’s–
Operator: What’s your address?
McKenzie: 2722 Southwest Rutland Terrace.
Operator: Hold on one second. What’s your name?
McKenzie: Hilary McKenzie.
Operator: OK hold on one second…Do you have any weapons in the house?
McKenzie: I…I…uh, no, I mean, my cats are inside, I took the dogs and my daughter out. We just got home from the grocery store. He’s in the bathroom.
Operator: Hold on one second. It looks like we already have a call – somebody else is calling in. I’m gonna add your information so bear with me real quick. OK, and the guy is white, black, Hispanic, or Asian?
McKenzie: I have no idea. He was in the bathroom and the door’s shut and he said he’s in the there and I said ‘who the hell are you?’ (laughing) and he said Timothy something, I totally forgot his name.
Operator: And he said he broke in?
McKenzie: He said he broke in and he was kidnapped and he was taking a shower.
Operator: OK (laughs).
McKenzie: And (laughs)—
Operator: We already have lots of officers around there….And he also said to you his name was Timothy something?
McKenzie: Right, but I mean I just –
Operator: Right, no, no you did the right thing.
McKenzie: And I got my daughter out. The cat’s are inside, the chickens are inside, and my dog’s on the porch with me. I’m standing outside on my porch. [Laughs] With no coat! And I might go in and get a coat.
Operator: No no no! I don’t want you to go back in there, OK?
McKenzie: Well, he’s – there’s two doors between—
Operator: I understand that but we don’t know where he is or if he has weapons so we need you to stay out there –
McKenzie: I know where he is he’s just in the bathroom and I can see him—
Operator: OK, mam –
McKenzie: OK, OK I won’t go in.
Operator: Because we don’t know if there’s other people in the house, he could be lying, there could be four people with him, OK?
McKenzie: Well, we already screened the house, because one dog was in the house, Tanna, and so he’s not upstairs.
Operator: Did he sound like he was high or drunk?
McKenzie: Well, he’s obviously nuts!
Operator: Yeah!
McKenzie” And – no, he sounded completely lucid, and at first I thought it was my tenant downstairs and her boyfriend – maybe she had sent him upstairs to use the upstairs bathroom.
Operator: And they’re not home? Your tenants downstairs aren’t home either?
McKenzie: No, well she’s home – but, uh, er, her friend – and it’s not really her boyfriend, it’s a musician and they –
Operator: OK, and are they out of the location, too?
McKenzie” They’re downstairs in a separate apartment and there’s no connection – I mean you have to go out side to get in…Oh here they come!
Operator: Do you see a police officer?
McKenzie: No but I hear the sirens.
Operator: OK yeah.
McKenzie: I’m in my slippers.
Operator: No problem.
McKenzie: Can I go in with the officers, can I?
Operator: You’ll need to talk to them because they have specific protocols that they need to follow.
McKenzie: All right, all right, I’ll let them go in and get the guy.
Operator: You know we’ve got lots a crazy people doing strange things lately.
McKenzie: Here we go. (To her neighbors) Wait, don’t go away you guys, come back here!
Operator: Tell everybody to stay but we don’t we don’t anybody moving around…
McKenzie: You know my daughter, she said, you know, I hear a man in the house. I said oh no don’t be silly that’s the neighbors…hahaha…There’s more police I hear another siren. Come on up the party’s up here!
Operator: They’re gonna come but they need to come in safely.
McKenzie: (Sighs)…Ohhh…yeah…ok, here’s a woman, a guy, they have nice uniforms and really good flashlights.
Operator: OK I’m going to let you go – go and talk to them, buh bye.
McKenzie: OK and hang up right?
Operator: Yes, bye.

In the official police report the responding officer writes that:

XI said he was taking a shower, nothing more. His hair was wet, towels hanged in the shower stall, and windows were covered w/condensation. XI had earlier made utterances to RP that “Mexicans” had kidnapped him and put him in the bathroom. He is intelligent but conversation with him suggests mental issues of some sort are present in his peronsa. He was either deliberately evasive or truly didn’t know how he chanced to approach RP’s home, let alone enter same.

As of now, there is no more information on this story. The original 911 conversations and the police report are available here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Kris

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