Northwestern Professor Apologizes for the Creamer Scandal

“I regret allowing the controversial after class demonstration on February 21st. I regret the effect that this has had on Northwestern University’s reputation, and I regret upsetting so many people in this particular manner. I apologize.” – Professor J. Michael Bailey

On Feb. 21 Professor J. Michael Bailey invited two performers to demonstrate female ejaculation for a small audience of students attending an optional series of lectures organized for his course on Human Sexuality at Northwestern University (see the original story here). For a brief period, the school’s administration, as represented by PR guy Al Cubabge, supported Bailey, but they quickly flip-flopped.

Bailey defended the demonstration, but ultimately apologized in a statement released two days ago. However, one detects a great deal of reluctance in his prose, and it seems like an apology given only out of pure necessity.

“I regret allowing the controversial after class demonstration on February 21st. I regret the effect that this has had on Northwestern University’s reputation, and I regret upsetting so many people in this particular manner. I apologize,” Bailey writes in his introduction, as if he were repeating something someone told him to say.

In the apology, Bailey takes the opportunity to defend himself and his choice to include the demonstration in his optional series.

“It involved an act that although unusual, had no harmful effect on anyone. Observers were Northwestern students legally capable of voting, enlisting in the military, and consuming pornography, as well as making many other serious decisions that legal adults are allowed to make,” he states.

Bailey also aptly points out that, perhaps, too much is being made of the incident, considering all of the other things happening now, like global-warming, war, and the financial crisis. “That this [the public’s reaction] is so reveals a stark difference of opinion between people like me, who see absolutely no moral harm in what happened, and those who believe that it was profoundly wrong,” he writes in the statement.

In a rather reactionary response, Matt Barber, associate dean of Liberty University School of Law (a Christain school), said that “this pervert should have been immediately suspended while the investigation was undergoing…We have this professor admitting that he had done this, so at the very least [there] should have been an immediate suspension followed by his firing” (originally quoted in One News Now).

The administration’s response hasn’t been quite as harsh, and in an official statement posted on the front page of Northwestern’s website, the school president draws attention to some of the great fundraising and scholarship Northwestern is responsible for in attempt to show that the school deserves a different kind of attention.

In any case, I still think that this optional lecture sounds like it was pretty sweet, and I wish I had been there. I watched Annie Sprinkle’s The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop for a video art class, but that’s nothing like a live demonstration.

In a Fuck You kind of response to his detractors, Bailey writes in the apology “If I were grading the arguments I have seen against what occurred, most would earn an ‘F.’” TC mark


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  • Sharif Youssef

    J. Michael Bailey is no Annie Sprinkle and it's not reactionary to say he's a pervert who should have been fired immediately. His book is out of circulation for a reason – it's incredibly idiotic. His ideas about transsexuals and effeminacy are offensive; his methodology is non-existent. He unethically included interview subjects without their permission and was forced to resign as department chair. After this incident, where he's exposed the university to litigation, he should be out on his ass. Really? I mean his justification is that he's trying to prove that female ejaculation “exists” is the worst kind of radical empiricism.

    • NealMackey

      You make a good point. I have not read Bailey's book. But coming from a Christian lawyer, that viewpoint is suspect.

      • Sharif Youssef

        The book was hugely controversial when it came out and led to a scandal. Details can be found here (obviously the site is partisan, but no one was really defending him intellectually):

        Not really sure how to comment on the Christian law professor but a friend of mine did make a good point: that before Bailey tells us that our objections lack substance, he ought to give one substantive defense of the “f—saw” performance? Saying that repression is bad is not actually a substantive defense. He could maybe reread Foucault and/or some feminist theory.

  • Fartnonymous

    “Creamer??” Is that your euphemism for “fucksaw?” Why didn't you just write fucksaw– this is Thought Catalog, we don't mind.

    • Brandon scott gorrell

      pretty sure he was referring to the woman who orgasmed i.e. the woman who creamed, i.e. the verb is 'to cream' (as in the popular expression “to cream one's pants”). the woman is the creamer.


    Again, where is the video? People take fucking videos of everything on their cell phones these days. Someone has it. Let's see it. This is like when I had to spend 7 hours in IRC chat rooms to find the Saddam Hussein hanging video.

  • Amber Dawn

    He calls vibrators Fucksaws??? Okay, the word “saw” should be no where near anyone's vagina EVER! What's with the creepy name???

    Also, I've read that some women squirt, or ejaculate. I don't, and apparently, from what I've read, most women don't. That doesn't mean that we don't still get off. Even after reading the first article, I'm still very unclear as to what this demonstration was about.

    • Brandon scott gorrell!5776805/fu

      a fucksaw is shown if you follow the link above

      • Amber Dawn

        lol, ty. It's still gross and not going anywhere near my vagina though :P

  • Evan K.

    I don't think anywhere in the past two articles it says that Bailey himself called anything a “fucksaw”, that is someone else's doing, probably one of the performers, and if you actually bothered to look at the thing you would understand why they call it a fucksaw.
    And who cares about the guys history, from the article is sounds like he just arranged for the event happen, if people are “perverted” enough to go then let them have their fun.

  • Mailsusanlucy

    If it were men getting this kind of treatment at an optional sex class it would have been shut down before it began…typical sexism.  Northwestern and the rest of the world truly are the Emperors with No Clothes

  • ss

    Sex is what differentiates animals from humans. 

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