High School Student Jumps from Golden Gate Bridge and Proves He Is A Badass

SAN FRANCISCO–In an event that took place last Thursday, a 16 or 17-year-old (reports vary) boy jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and miraculously survived. Not only did he survive, but he came out relatively unscathed, and was even able to swim to the shore after the 200 foot plunge, according to a report in the San Francisco Examiner.

The young man in question, yet unnamed by the authorities, was on a field trip with about 40 other Windsor High School students from Sonoma County. At around 11am they were crossing the bridge. According to some students, he jumped on a dare or just for the thrill of it. The district superintendent claims it was not a suicide attempt, but more likely the result of peer pressure (see the SF Examiner article here). Once in the water, the young man swam to shore with the assistance of a surfer. According to the SF Examiner article, he was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital but suffered no serious injuries beyond β€œbruising and tenderness.”

What this guy some James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause-esque figure? It might be too soon to tell without his own account of the dive, but one thing is clear: he is a bad ass, and after this incident, he’s going to feel like even more of a bad ass. Most people who jump from the Golden Gate Bridge die or can never walk again, whereas this guy made it seem like he was just taking a quick dip to cool off. I suspect that even if it was a suicide attempt, he won’t feel the normal range of negative feeling, but rather a sort of “shit, I’m hard” kind of thing, while the students who egged him on – if that was the case – think oh shit, why did we do that, he could have died? and damn, he a baller. TC mark


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  • paperbackgirl

    i went to this high school and this is incident is a thorough embarrassment.


    This is so awesome. I once tried to convince a friend to jump into the Red River from one of numerous bridges in the Fargo-Moorhead area but he refused. Later we found out people die every year from doing it, and I'm sure that made him feel vindicated.


      I want to puke into your armpit.

      • perfectedcircles45

        don't say that to perfectcirlcse she's perfecttt

  • http://hbgwhem.tumblr.com/ HBGWHEM

    i watched a doc abt people who jumped off this bridge and survived. ALL of them, when asked what their first thought was the moment they left the bridge, said “I wished I was still on the bridge.”

  • Guest

    heh, jeans dean.

  • SFGooner

    When did “bad ass” become synonymous with “idiot” and “moron”.

    • serena

      every time the idiot or moron succeeds or survives.

  • Student

    Read the Lethal Beauty series.


  • Hamncheesey

    yeah man people who try to kill themselves and then fail always feel 100% better the next morning. because “they a balla”. thats what its all about! dumb fuck.

    • perfectsquares69

      i think you missed the point the author was trying to make. if this even was suicide attempt, it was an exceptional case. i've tried to commit suicide and, yeah, it's not so hot. but if had jumped off the gg bridge and swam to shore, i would feel kind of proud of that accomplishment.

      • Hamncheesey

        i think the author's point is that suicidality is a silly little affliction that can be cured by the right dose of “bad ass behavior”.

      • perfectsquares69

        i have a hunch that that really isn't his point and that you should get off the internet, bro, and stop trolling

      • Hamncheesey


      • yougotpunked

        shit looks like u got punked hamncheesey

  • a laying wall

    it's those violent video games, and the pot, and that 'dubstep' music

  • http://www.kathygambo.tumblr.com Kathleen Gambarelli

    “But my friends told me to do it”…Well would you jump off a bridge if your friends told you to? “Yes… yes, I would.”

  • iRespectJapan

    He broke his tailbone and punctured a lung. It's lucky he still could swim back to swore.

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