Connecticut Man Flees Crime Scene Mid-Haircut With Half a Fro

Police photo

STAMFORD, CT – In a recent event that took place in a barbershop, David Davis, 21, stabbed a man in the back with a pair of scissors. The two had some “bad blood” said police captain Richard Conklin, and the victim gave Davis a threatening stare (quoted in the NY Post). Davis sprung into action mid hair-cut – the barber had only unbraided half of his braids so he had a huge ½ fro – and stabbed the victim in the back with a pair of scissors. The victim survived because he was wearing a heavy coat.

Davis was forced to flee the scene with a ½ fro. Police quickly caught up with him at a nearby apartment. When they saw him, they were taken aback by his do. “They got a good laugh about it,” captain Conklin said (quoted in the NY Post).

According to the Stamford Advocate, Davis is being held on a $5,000 bond and is due in court March 22.

Davis’ mug shot warrants a place among other great mug shots, including those of Nick Nolte, James Brown, and David Jonathan Winkelman – who only has a mug shot to begin with because he was arrested for a small misdemeanor. TC mark


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    when the pimp's in the crib ma

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    stamford is where jerry springer is filmed

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