5 Asian Films that Make You Feel Romantic (NSFW)

Blissfully Yours (2002) by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQa47f1hsN0&w=622&h=497%5D

The renowned Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s first feature film, Blissfully Yours, is a languid, erotic, and cerebral tale about two sets of lovers that head to the forest for a day to get it on in nature. An older woman drives Min, a Burmese immigrant with a strange skin malady, to pick up his lover, Roong, at work. The two of them leave for the forest. At the same time, the older woman – embarking on an extramarriatl affair – brings a man to the same forest to get it on. After being caught doing it by someone else, she flees and finds herself lost until she stumbles across Min and Roong. Highlights include Roong giving Min a blow jay as he sleeps next to a small stream. The beautiful imagery, shot in long-takes, is enough to make you feel romantic.

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