Netflix Weekend Watch Recommendation: A 90s Thriller Classic

The Firm
The Firm

This weekend protect yourself from burning 40 minutes trying to find the perfect Netflix movie and indulge in a 90s classic. I have to admit I have scrolled past this movie dozens of times on Netflix, just because of its dated nature, which is odd to think considered the movie was made in 1993. The lead actor emblazoned on the movie cover was also a deterrent because it is hard to get this image of him out of mind.

Outside of being dated and starring Tom Cruise, The Firm is a weekend Netflix must watch for those who have not seen it, and here’s why:

An Intriguing Semi-Realistic Plot
The Firm is all about the story behind a young hotshot lawyer’s venture to a bizarre firm. Combining elements of fraud, financial conspiracy, and Orwellian Big Brother makes The Firm a semi-realistic but always engaging story. There is very little lull in the story throughout the film as every scene moves the plot along, with little to no “filler-scenes” that we see a lot of in modern day thrillers and mysteries.

Old Fashioned Thriller
The element of suspense in the movie is incredible. Watching The Firm is a great reminder that emotions can be invoked in a movie through nothing other than a great story. There are no pump-fake or unrealistic plot twists, just a good old fashioned 90’s produced movie. There is nothing egregious about this movie, no excess use of drugs, violence, or even swearing. Those things do not really affect how I review a movie, but with the absence of those things incomparison to most thrillers today, it was oddly refreshing.

Gene Hackman
Although The Firm stars Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman really steals the movie. Seeing a young Gene Hackman go to work as a sleazy yet endearing lawyer is worth the watch alone. Hackman’s performance will have an odd effect on your viewing experience. You’re never entirely sure what his character (Avery Tolar) is up to, and whether or not you should be concerned for him. If you loosely compare The Firm to Wall Street (replacing the stock brokers with lawyers) Gene Hackman playing Avery Tolar, is like Michael Douglas playing Gordon Gecko. While Gene Hackman’s role in The Firm is not as highly regarded as Michael Douglas’ in Wall Street, it is just as memorable.

The Firm is a solid 7 out of 10 movie, which is more than can be said for a majority of the movies on Netflix. If you’re looking for an enjoyable thriller to watch and can appreciate (or look past) the 90’s era style, The Firm starring Tom Cruise will not let you down! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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