3 Awesome, Non-Superhero Comics You Should Read To Get Into Graphic Novels

The Walking Dead:  Compendium One
The Walking Dead: Compendium One

About a month ago, there was another article here on Thought Catalog giving you 6 reasons why you need to start reading Comic Books and it is phenomenal. I wanted to take that article one step further and recommend to you three comics that are really easy to transition to for a first time comic reader who happens to not be into super heroes.

If you were to walk into a Comic Store for the first time, it could be completely overwhelming, especially if you have no recommendations.

Whether you have a preference towards fantasy, sci-fi, or even dark comics there are three comic series out right now that are universally epic and can pull you into comics, even if you aren’t into the whole super-hero genre.

These three recommendations come based on story first and then preference for art style.

1. The Walking Dead

A great starting point for anyone somewhat interested in reading comics. At this point it is universally known what the story line is for The Walking Dead, but even if you are not into zombies, it is worth reading. The Walking Dead is more about the struggle to survive among each other than surviving the zombie apocalypse. There are 120+ issues that are captivating right from the beginning. While this recommendation may be a bit cliche, The Walking Dead does a great job emotionally pulling you into the investment of each individual character, on both a love and hate basis. On top of that the villains in this series are some of the best you will ever encounter in any storytelling platform (and it goes WAY beyond the Governor).

2. Saga

Saga is a love story wrapped into a weird, bizarre, and trippy sci-fi world. Told from a unique perspective (no spoilers) with some of the most memorable characters of all time, Saga is a must read. The basic storyline follows two lovers who come from historically warring enemy races and develops from there. The cast of characters that come along with Saga range from a lie detector cat and a one eyed best selling author alien. If it sounds strange, it should, but that’s what makes Saga so good.

One brief warning, there are a few “adult” moments throughout this series that are a bit a graphic. It is without a doubt NOT the focus of Saga but every so often you will turn a page and have a WTF moment.

If you are into Sci-fi at all you will want to give Saga a shot as one of your first comic reads.

3. Manifest Destiny

A newer comic release (and my personal favorite) Manifest Destiny follows the alternate journey of Lewis & Clark as they discover “America.” The difference is the America they discover is inhabited with all sorts of unique creatures, plants, enemies, and enemy plants. Throughout the story of Manifest Destiny you will see familiar historical figures pop up in unexpected ways doing unexpected things. If History sounds boring to you, don’t let that affect you giving Manifest Destiny a shot. This comic is extremely well written and the art style makes Manifest Destiny worth exploring by itself. The artists behind Manifest Destiny take comic book art to the next level. This comic has an immense amount of detail on each page without losing the comic feel.

Each of these three comics make the entry into reading comics very easy and addictive. Whether you are into a modern classic like The Walking Dead, a great Sci-fi story like Saga, or a unique twist on Historical fiction like Manifest Destiny, all three of these comics will not disappoint. TC Mark

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