Discovering The Queen of Vine

Discovering The Queen of Vine

I’ve never been huge into watching Vines. Maybe because most of the Vines that ended up on my feed weren’t that funny and consisted of a lot of people getting smacked in the back of the neck. The other day I finally got caught in a Vine wormhole…I mean I was doing research for my next Thought Catalog article and discovered Brittany Furlan.

I use the term discovered loosely because with over 5 million followers on Vine, Brittany has already been discovered! She has a huge following and for good reason: she’s hilarious. (Warning: most of her stuff is NSFW)

If you spend a few minutes scrolling through her Vines you’ll see she does a wide range of mini-skits, everything from different characters to random videos with her dog that make you question her canine relationship. If you’re having a tough day and just need a laugh, check out some of her best Vines below. Just don’t blame me when you spend half your day watching every single one of her videos!

Mattress Tags

Trust Falling With Strangers

Modern Romance

First Date

In The Club

Plane Creeper

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