If You Love The Walking Dead You Need To Do This Right Now!

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season
The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season

The Walking Dead is on a mini-break right now, so what are you supposed to do to get your fill of Rick Grimes and the walkers? You could go back and watch reruns, sure, but you could also delve way deeper into the storyline, and experience The Walking Dead again for the first time! How do you do that? Simple, pick up where everything started, the original comic book.

Now if the thought of a comic book turns you off, quit being a snob, and call it a graphic novel if it makes you feel better about yourself. The original story you will read in the comic book series is better than anything you have already seen on the TV show. As a fan of The Walking Dead myself, and not someone who is well versed in comics at all, I took the advice of one of my friends and purchased The Walking Dead compendium (a collection of the first forty eight comic books, bound together in one large book, this also happens to be the most cost efficient way of purchasing the comics as well).

Keep in mind, the last time I read a comic was 20+ years ago when I was a little tyke; I had not read a comic, nor had the desire to, until The Walking Dead (and my friend) motivated me to do so. There is so story and lore behind The Walking Dead that 60-minute television episodes can never do justice.

Getting A Different Perspective

Reading the original story will change how you perceive the show, and also notice how similar things happen to different characters in the translation from the comic to the TV show. If you watched the TV series before reading the comics (like me), you will have many moments throughout your read when you see how the show is trying to pay tribute to the comics, and other times when you scratch your head wondering how the TV show could leave certain things out.

More Is Explained

There are a lot of things that happen throughout the course of The Walking Dead TV show that do not make a whole lot of sense. One example, without a major spoiler, is with Rick and the mysterious telephone in Season 3. If you think back to that scene, it is really freaking odd, while watching it. The graphic novel explains the whole thing, and it makes your television experience a bit more enriched because of it. 

The Story Line Breaks Or Does It?

There are over 110+ “episodes” or comic books already created in the “true” Walking Dead universe. You can jump ahead (or gain some insight) into where the show MIGHT be heading in the future episodes. Although nothing is guaranteed, because the show takes a much different path than the comics, you will appreciate it nonetheless.

The Walking Dead will be returning to finish up Season 4 soon, but if it is not soon enough for you, take a chance and read the first comic (you can even read it on your iPad with the ComiXology app if you want to keep your “street cred”) but don’t blame me when you end up liking the comics way more than the actual TV show. TC Mark

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