3 Reasons To Visit Toronto For A Weekend

When deciding where to take a weekend vacation, often big US cities and beach locations usually make it to the top of the list. I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling, and by far one of the most underrated weekend vacation spots of all time is Toronto. From the outside, Toronto may look like another Chicago, but crossing the Northern border to Canada brings a cultural change that you can only experience by visiting.
So, if you have never been to Toronto, here are three underrated reasons why you must visit this Canadian city:

1. The people.

There is something about this city that generates a widespread kindness from its citizens. Visiting there, you’ll get a sense of how you are never inconveniencing anyone when asking for directions, restaurant suggestions, or just striking up a casual conversation. Sure, this is a huge generalization and I’m sure there are “unkind” people in Toronto, but you’re going to have to look hard to find them. A quick personal example: in the middle of the city, getting lost while driving during the heart of rush hour traffic, I needed to get over 2 lanes. The second I turned my blinker on, both cars across the other two lanes let me over and did not think twice about it. When this happened, I thought it was odd. So I did it again 10 minutes later, with the exact same result. This type of kindness can be displayed in many different facets throughout the city. While polite traffic is not a great reason to take a vacation, when thinking about allof the interactions you might have while exploring a new city, this type of kindness is enough of a reason to go visit.

2. The things to do.

You’ll never get bored in Toronto. I like to call Toronto the NYC of Canada, because a night will not go by without you wanting to explore a new area of the city. There is so much to do, from sports to theater to phenomenal restaurants and live music, all within minutes of each other. If you get bored in Toronto, you’re probably just boring in general.

3. Ketchup Chips.

Yes, they sound gross, but they’re amazing and they originated in Canada. You can get themthroughout the entire country, but if you want to go hog wild and taste 30+ brands of Ketchup chips, the easiest place to do so is in Toronto. Walking from shop to shop tasting the different brands of Ketchup chips can be life changing.

When you visit Toronto for the weekend, you’ll find your own reasons for loving the city. Whether it’s the special hole-in-the-wall restaurant you enjoyed, or the kind people who showed you how to get there, you’re going to want to spend more than a weekend in Toronto. TC Mark

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