Prologue Profiles Episode 020: Rameet Chawla Climbs The Risk Curve As A Tech Founder

I operate my life like a startup. I learn a little bit and I test something else out and I keep iterating and iterating until it’s perfect. – Rameet Chawla

Looking for a way out of his finance job, Rameet (@rameet) decided to use his tech expertise and work for himself.

…He never looked back.

Rameet’s company, Fueled (@fueled), which specializes in making mobile apps, has grown in the past year and a half from 8 to 56 employees.

I spoke with Rameet at midnight and was naturally very tired, but Rameet was on. It turns out we were in the middle of his second shift of work, which ends at 3:30am—every single night.

In this extended interview, Rameet discusses his path to 56 employees, his very a-typical typical day, and how the answer to your future is within yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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This post originally appeared on Prologue Profiles.

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