4 Reasons Dating Today Is Way Too Awkward

I jumped from a year relationship to a three year relationship back to back, which not only proves that I’m not too bright, but also, that I am so far removed from the dating game that it’s like a foreign beast I’ve yet to tackle. As I’m tiptoeing back into these waters I’m realizing just how much has changed in four years.

1. This swipe right culture is damn weird

What the hell is this? I guess while I was being the only loyal half in a failing three year relationship, I missed out on the plethora of dating or hookup apps that popped up everywhere. Gone are the days when you actually met someone you thought was interesting or even hit them up on Facebook, we are far past that now. Our entire generation is playing a game of smash or pass. Let’s be honest, have you ever actually read someone’s Tinder profile? Didn’t think so. Swipe, swipe, swipe.

2. Do people even talk over dinner anymore?

I was out to eat the other night with some of my friends and we were bullshitting over some beers and I took the time to look over the spot and half the couples weren’t even really talking. They were forking around their foods and playing on their phones. Everyone’s face was illuminated with their bright little phone lights as they sat silent.

3. Constant contact is draining

I love technology and social media. I’m all over Twitter and Facebook and of course texting is where it’s at. In my past relationships we talked all day relatively over text messages and the occasional phone call, but during my last relationship something has emerged that has changed the game: Snapchat. I was late to download it but even now, I just can’t dedicate my time to it. Am I getting old? I’m only 22 but sending someone pictures of my face all day is the last thing I’m trying to do. A text sure but jeeze, man. I can’t imagine how a relationship is going to function if you’re texting and snapchatting each other from dusk til dawn.

4. The in-between of the hookup culture

We’re at an interesting interval of our generation. We’re peaking on adulthood and the archaic archetype we see in movies is long gone. The idea of a date in itself is rare. We like to meet at the bar and hook up and part our ways. Or just hang out. Yeah, a date requires too much commitment, committing to an actual purpose, date, time, and place. We can just hangout. Whatever that means. We don’t even need to commit to a definition.

As I’m tiptoeing back into this arena, I’m just blown away by how much has changed in four years. Maybe I’m just getting old, but this certainly going how I remembered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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