The Beginner’s Guide To Unprofessionalism: Avoid It At All Costs

The way you present yourself determines the way other people perceive you. The fact is that people from several impressions about your character arbitrarily based on just a single quality that you have shown them.

In Psychology, this is called the Halo Effect. For example, think about someone who is good looking and has the ability to combine his outfits in a stylish way.

What will other people think about him? That he is also successful, attractive, and hot or that he maybe has money and fame. Nobody is going to think that this person is a loser. 

The Way You Present Yourself Makes The Difference Between Professionalism And Unprofessionalism.

It makes the difference between winning and losing. Between succeeding and failing.

And this is a fact applicable in EVERY aspect of life. Here is a real life example:

Some months ago I visited a physiotherapist because of a back injury. He was a friend of mine so I decided to choose him even if I wasn’t sure about the quality of his services. The price was also affordable so I decided to give him a chance.

Despite the low-cost I found out that he was really skilled at his job. But he didn’t have any clients except friends and neighbours. Strange huh? He was a good physiotherapist, friendly and very skilled.

But he made the mistake of following the beginner’s guide to unprofessionalism.

He didn’t have his own office and worked at home. This isn’t the problem.

The problem is that he didn’t present himself as a true professional. When I stepped into his house I was highly surprised but in a negative way.

It was so badly decorated that you can’t even imagine.

It looked like a 1950 house with ugly old furniture and awful design.

Except that, his house was a complete mess!

Random stuff like a broom, a plate with food leftovers, clothes, books and whatever you can imagine could be found in every corner of the living room.

The smell made me imagine that its windows had never been opened.

He had a special physiotherapy bed for clients covered by an ugly sheet. Everything looked so unprofessional!

He was doing me massage shirtless!

I didn’t have any problem because I am a man and I was familiarized with him but how could a girl come to his house for physical therapy if he was always shirtless?

Shirtless, flip-flops and shorts.

This appearance refers to a tourist, not a professional physiotherapist.

He didn’t have any clients but also didn’t spend a minute to think of the reason. He just continued to wait and wait until someone magically came. He did the same thing every day expecting different results.

Appearance & Self-Presentation need to be taken really seriously in for everyone who wants to seem professional. Especially when you sell personal services to other people.

Take a moment and ask yourself  the following questions:

Would you pay for a fat personal trainer?

Would you have your hair cut by a hairdresser who has an ugly haircut?

Would you buy grocery from a dirty grocery store?

I guess you answered “no” to every question. It’s absolutely logical. Physical appearance plays a big role in the way people communicate with you.

If you dress like poop they are going to treat you like poop. No clients, no money, no honey.

If you look professional and confident they will be really happy to be your clients.

Always look professional. Some people might say that what really matters is your “inside world” or your personality. Sure it’s important too but the way you carry yourself on the “outside” reflects who you are “inside”.

Looks do matter!

Looking unprofessional is the most serious mistake someone can make in business.

Benefits Of Looking Good

There are several benefits derived from taking care of your physical appearance and self-presentation.

  • When you look good you also feel good. Have you ever noticed the feeling of wearing new clothes?
  • It’s a self-confidence booster. You get noticed quickly and people speak to you with more respect
  • A physically attractive person attracts other people easier. There is a natural tendency of preferring to associate with attractive people because they are also supposed to carry other positive traits (halo effect).
  • These people might also be clients.

Start Looking Like A Million Bucks

People judge a book by its cover. Especially when it comes to business. You don’t have to spend millions to look well. You don’t even have to spend thousands.

You can achieve a professional look by focusing on the right things. Very simple things can make a big difference because they all add up.

1. Grooming & Smell

  • Take care of your skin.
  • Get a nice haircut and take care of your facial hair.
  • Shower at least 1 time every two days and use deodorant.

2. Be Organized

Your desk, office, living room is an extension of your personal image. Keep things clear and in order.

3. Dress stylish

Prefer quality from quantity. Instead of investing X money for 3 average jeans spend X money for 1 quality jeans. This is an investment for two reasons.

  • Higher quality and more expensive clothes usually are better than cheap alternatives.
  •  Your clothes will usually last longer.

A good idea is to buy from designer outlets or online outlets. You can also save money and buy only in sales period when you can buy the same clothes in half price.

These tips aren’t nuclear science, they are very simple tips that many people like the physiotherapist I visited ignore. Sometimes we know that something like taking care of our hair or having an organized desk is good but we for some reason we can’t fully understand and apply it.

Everyone agrees that eating healthy and being fit is a beneficial addition in his life. But why are so many people eating unhealthy and never exercise? Because they can’t fully understand its importance.

If you are someone who is selling personal services then consider checking out these 3 ideas.

  • Grooming
  • Organization
  • Clothing

If you noticed the physiotherapist failed in following these 3 simple ideas. Failing in that made him look unprofessional. That’s why he didn’t have any clients even though he was good at his work.

Be honest with yourself and if you think that you lack in any of these 3 areas take the necessary steps to change it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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