If He Does These 15 Things When He Texts You, He Definitely Doesn’t Want To Date You

Unsplash / Luke Porter

It’s hard to read men sometimes, so hard that you can never quite tell if they’re actually interested and just busy, or perhaps like you as only a friend.

Texting isn’t the greatest way to communicate, but it is nice to know that the lad who likes you is sneaking his phone underneath his work table just to ask how your day is going.

Anyway, not to worry. We’ve written a list of 15 texting signs that show he probably doesn’t like you the way you might like him. Check them out below!

1. He’s constantly asking about your different friends and their relationship statuses.

2. When he texts you, it’s for actual business purposes and not just a line he’s used in your direct messages on Twitter. No, he’s serious, he only wants to talk business.

3. Your iMessage from him is solely to do with a work or university assignment.

4. When you ask him questions about himself, he doesn’t ask them back.

5. He’s constantly telling you how busy he is, so can’t meet up for drinks, even though you’ve asked 5 times. Ouch. Yeah just take your L and never ask again.

6. You start each and every conversation. Cringe.

7. It’s incredibly rare that he says anything nice to you.

8. He turns off his read receipt every time you start off a conversation with him on Whats App or doesn’t open your conversation even though you can see he’s online.

9. The only time he sends you a text is at 11PM. It’ll say something like ‘Are you awake?’ Yes, that infamous booty call question.

10. He asks you to retweet his music constantly.

11. Nope, that’s not a message from your crush. It’s a broadcast he’s sent out to all his contacts.

12. He was texting and even calling each and every day, but randomly stopped. Yeah, the novelty has worn off.

13. Instead of sending his dilemma to Ask Oloni, he’s asking you for relationship advice about his ex.

14. His texts are always short replies.

15. Nothing. If he doesn’t like you, he will never call, let alone text. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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