Your Real Life Is Better Than Social Media

Your Real Life Is Better Than Social Media
Ben Kolde

I’m so tired of the perfect Instagram pages and the fact that most of those pictures don’t reflect a life lived on a daily basis. I wish it was that easy to have a perfectly curated Instagram account with tons of followers and being able to get paid to post. But that isn’t the reality of most people, including myself.

These days we live in a world that cares so much more about another person’s highlight reel of life and then we compare ourselves to them.

Can I tell you a secret?

Their lives aren’t much more important than yours.

You matter just as much as the next social media influencer.

I tried to become “Instagram famous” but you know what happened? I couldn’t didn’t want to keep up with the Joneses. It was too much work and it all felt as if I was dying to my true self in order to please other people, and it was detrimental to my spiritual health along with emotional health.

I was so focused on how many followers I was gaining or losing, how many people would like my posts and comment, that when I had unfollows or less engagement on posts that I was being true to myself, I felt bad. I felt as if I wasn’t allowed to speak up and stand for the things that I’m passionate about because I would lose more followers.

The perfect feed of a well-traveled person, with their Instagram husband can look so appealing, but I just wonder how joyful they truly are. I mean, you have to take a lot of time to make sure that you are posting things that won’t offend people, have to find the perfect place to take the most amount of pictures that you can later reuse when you aren’t travelling. Living constantly behind the lens and not truly enjoying life, do you think that it’s really that great? Happiness is based on our circumstances but joy is based on a decision.

I still have an Instagram account, but I am not as active as I used to be. I post far and few in between because I know that if I let myself get carried away, I will start playing the comparison game. That never leads me to a better place, just a darker one.

So, you reading this post please know that you are important. Regardless of how many likes and followers you have or don’t have, know this is not the end all in life. You are made to be unique; you have gifts and talents that someone else doesn’t have. Use your gifts for good, not for trying to gain more followers, but because you love yourself and others.

Life is meant to be enjoyed with a purpose far greater than gaining followers on social media. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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