10 Reasons to be Happy You’re Single this Holiday Season


Got the holiday blues? It can be very stressful to be single sometimes, especially if you are surrounded by friends and family who aren’t single – and unintentionally rub it in everyone else’s face how in love they are. The holiday are especially stressful during this time in your life, because many feel that you have to be with those you love during the holidays, and you may feel like nobody is there to love you.

Here are 10 reasons to put on a happy face and be relieved you are single this holiday season.

1. You Aren’t Alone

Even if you aren’t seeing anyone, chances are you still have friends and family, and they won’t desert you this holiday season.
If you can’t stand being around those in your life that are so happy they don’t see outside of their own relationship, don’t fear, there is still hope.

Studies show that the holiday season is one of the biggest times of year for breakups, closely rivaled by spring break. Odds are there will be someone in your circle that would be willing to spend time with you and won’t be permanently attached to their significant other during that time.

2. You Will Save Money

Chances are, you want to spend a lot of money on your significant other during the holidays, to show how much you really care. One advantage to being single is that you don’t have to. Also, think of the lack of travel you will have to do to go visit their family and friends. That has got to save some money.

3. You Can Spend More Time With Family

Holidays can be stressful for couples trying to juggle time for both families and both sets of friends. Now you can devote all of your time to your own people, and stress out less about matching all of the schedules.

4. No More Seriously Embarrassing Questions From Family

With no significant other in the picture, your parents can pick on someone else in the family and ask them about when they plan to marry and have kids. You no longer have to deal with the stress and embarrassment of answering them.

5. No “Babysitting” at Parties

You can go hang out with your own family, friends or coworkers without worrying about someone else feeling left out or ignored.

6. You Can Have Fun Meeting New People

Holiday parties are a great time to meet new people. Without your other half tagging along, you don’t have to worry about accidentally flirting with someone else, and you can have more time to talk to other people than you would if you were too busy being lost in someone else’s eyes all evening.

7. You Can Vacation by Yourself

Want to take that holiday vacation you’ve been dreaming about? No problem! No need to coordinate with a significant other on where to go and what to do when you get there. You may even meet a great new friend on vacation.

8. You May Not Put On As Much Weight

People in relationships tend to stuff their faces more – why not? They already have someone, they don’t need to impress anyone else.

9. You Have Time to Help Those in Need

With less time juggling multiple families and groups of friends, you can make yourself feel better making someone else’s holiday special.

10. You can Spoil Yourself

With all that money you save up in point #1, you can now spend money on yourself guilt-free. Go on, buy yourself a present this year! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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